Wild nettles, Cattail Stalks, Dandelion Greens – Spring is here!

IMG_2257It is nearing the end of March and while I have a dozen boat projects pending, I also have home and yard tasks that need done. I was doing my first spring lawn mowing and found a great batch of dandelions growing in the yard and along the street, I picked a few.

I then looked around a bit further and found the beginnings of my nettle patch starting to leaf. I picked a few greens from around the house and then decided to take a look at some of the other natural areas close to home.IMG_2259

I took a 5 minute drive out to Heart Lake and was able to harvest a few tender and succulent cat-tail stalks. IMG_2261 The cattails are still a week or three away from prime but some of the early bloomers are out and ready.

Along with the cattails, I was able to find another good growth of common nettles, and harvested a nice batch for tonight’s dinner.

Dinner is going to consist of blanched wild greens, Walnut Oil sautéed cattail stalks, and a some thinly sliced beef sauteed in olive oil with a bit of garlic and possibly some fresh ginger. Jasmine rice to go along and we should be good!

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