Puget Sound Whale Watching Tours

One of the best places to watch whales in Puget Sound is along the boarder of Canada and the US, in the bodies of water known as Haro Strait and Boundry Pass. These lie to the north and west of San Juan Island, and is where the resident J, K, & L whale pods are mostly often spotted in summer time. Orca pods roam all over the Puget Sound, but they tend to prefer these larger bodies of water. Located very close to these prime viewing grounds in Friday Harbor of San Juan Island is San Juan Excursions. This combination whale watching vessel and charter boat has been serving tourists and locals alike for almost 20 years.

San Juan Excursions operates the Odyssey, a 1941 Navy Search and Rescue vessel that was decommissioned and converted for private use. The vessel is sixty five feet long and has licensed capacity for 97 passengers. They even installed a hydrophone onboard so that whale watchers can listen to the Orca whales call to one another. How sweet is that?

Not only is San Juan Excursions operated by locals that care deeply about the health of the local whales, they have been rated ‘Excellent’ on TripAdvisor, and they guarantee that if you don’t see whales on your trip, then you get another one for free. Also, because they are based out of Friday Harbor, it’s possible to park your car in Anacortes, walk aboard the ferry, and then hop on the Odyssey. This saves money, time, and gives you two beautiful ferry rides in addition your Puget Sound whale watching tour.

For additional information on the the transient whales and the local J, K, & L pods of the Puget Sound, check out orcanetwork.org. This non-profit organization is dedicated to tracking the health of orca whales in the Puget Sound as well as educating the public about them.

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