Wedding on a Boat

boat wedding

A bride and groom boarding the Odyssey for their wedding on a boat.

My brother is getting married this summer and we were brainstorming wedding locations a few months ago. We had discussed the option of having the ceremony in the San Juan Islands as there are many beautiful locations to choose from as well as affordable accommodation all over the islands for the guests. Ultimately, they decided to have the wedding closer to home, but we did run across San Juan Excursions and their lovely boat, the Odyssey.

Based out of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, the Odyssey has a licensed capacity for 97 people. Their charter service charges $550 per hour for up to 39 guests. This works out to be $14.10 per guest, per hour. For larger parties, they will gladly accommodation up to 80 people at $650 per hour. This works out to be $8.13 per guest per hour! Pretty dang affordable compared to other wedding venues.

I’ve been fortunate to be present at several different marine weddings over the years. Some have been a nautical wedding themes at the dock, one was a wedding on a cruise ship in Portland, Oregon, and of I’ve been to several hosted on the beach. There is something about water and an open landscape that compliments a wedding. The fluidity of water, I think, is a metaphor for the joining of two unique lives into one.

wedding on boatIf you are considering a wedding by the sea, you should seriously consider hosting your wedding on the Odyssey. I can’t imagine a more serine venue. Plus, don’t forget that San Juan Excursions primary business is whale watching tours. Being located in prime Orca Whale territory, it would be very practical to combine whale watching with the wedding reception.

At the end of the event, Friday Harbor and San Juan Island offer many accommodations for your guests to stay at – from camping, to bed’s and breakfasts, to luxurious spas. A wedding in the San Juan Islands is always memorable. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that a wedding on a boat is one that the guests will never forget.

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