Vegetable Soup

We were out again this weekend, cruising, fishing, just hanging out. When boating, keeping yourself and your crew fed, is fairly important. To do it easily and with few dishes makes everyone’s trip more pleasant.

We keep our boat well stocked with a variety of food stuff, from soups & chili to rice, beans, and pasta fixings. We have pancake and muffin makings, granola, pop-tarts, cereal, canned vegetables, milk and munchies. Our boat pantry may be better stocked than our home pantry.

For Saturday lunch, I put together a very tasty and hardy vegetable soup, featuring a few of the items we have found at Starwest Botanicals. The following recipe is for 2. Double or triple as crew size demands.

Soup Vegetables


1/2 C. dried soup vegetables
2 – 3 C. water
2 heaping Tbs. Vegetable Broth Base
1 tsp. Roasted garlic-pepper blend
Salt to taste.

Starwest Botanical Ingredients

Place dried soup vegetables in cool water and bring to a boil, simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. When the vegetables are tender, add the Vegetable Broth Base and the Roasted Garlic-Pepper seasoning. Stir, adjust salt & other seasonings to taste. Done.

Vegetable Soup

Excellent with a slice or two of bread, cheese & crackers, a beer if you are so inclined.

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