To Friday Harbor

Rainbow over Fishermans Bay

A rainbow appears as I exit Fisherman’s Bay on Lopez en route to Friday Harbor.

As Solace motors closer to the Islands, I feel that familiar sense of ‘homecoming’ wash over me. It really does feel like an invisible barrier through which I pass. Whether by ferry or private boat, returning from Canada or Oak Harbor (as I am today), the feeling is the same:

I am home.

At this point I am convinced the San Juan Islands will always be my home. And though I’ve lived on the outskirts for over five years, this winter will be my second attempt at living inside the islands. The failure of my first attempt still haunts me.

I am en route to claim my new slip at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. I’m committed to staying in the islands over the winter and hopefully establish a home base over the long term. I may not stay in Friday Harbor, but it seems like a good place to start this new chapter of my life.

Adams Family

Adam’s family and I walk down the dock to the hot tub.

Living in Oak Harbor the last month was nice. It’s quiet, clean, and affordable. The internet sucks, but the library is only a couple blocks away. There is a sweet jogging path and all the worlds conveniences are less than a 5 minute drive away.

These are interesting times we live in. For the first time in recorded history there are three class-4 hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean at the same time. They are far from here, but their presence is certainly felt. For the last week the winds have been strong, gusty, and unpredictable.

I chose my departure date carefully. This is the first break in the wind since it started. As I burst out from Deception Pass, the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca looked calm and placid. Hopefully it stays that way. The wind is forecasted to pick up to uncomfortable levels again tomorrow.

I motored along the south end of Lopez Island and entered the Islands proper through Cattle Pass. The trip was a windless one, but I left with full tanks and an offer to hang out with sailing friend, Adam Nash, on Lopez Island. I was grateful for the good speed and easy passage. That evening found his whole family and I soaking our troubles away in the hot tub of the Lopez Islander resort.

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  1. Alan Kropp says:

    Hi Chris,
    I have a friend Charles Goodman who lives in a Cruise-a-home 31 on the docks in Fridayville. You might find him interesting. Lived around the world. Helped start the transendental meditation movement in the US. Is an ayurvedic doctor and has sailed quite allot (also has a sailboat), also lived in the islands on and off for many years. Can’t miss him he has one eye like a good pirate. Into the spiritual side of life as well. In his 70s. A generally entertaining and interesting man. Tell him Alan sent you

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