TIME WARPS–Mid-week sailing

Time warps do exist!  Or maybe the water is a parallel universe.  Whatever the explanation, a few hours on the water sailing and I feel like I have been out for days

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Out for a sail

Dawn breaks clear and sunny with a light breeze. The birds are up and singing, the coffee smells so very good, and the first thought is “Man! I wish I could be on the boat right now”. I have to willfully resist this urge, must get dressed for work, it’s okay; only ten hours and I can go. The water beckons, trees swaying, such a wonderful ripple out there on the bay.
Drive to work Sherrie!

Most of us with a passionate love of sailing in the San Juan Islands have this argument daily throughout the late spring and summer. Days are incredible here and being chained to a job can be torture. But torture isn’t so bad when you know the exact time of its end and that is what makes living here such a blessing.

The boat is moored just three minutes away from our jobsites. Ken and I have basically the same work schedule and at break time the first words after hello are: “remind me once again why we aren’t on the water?” to which the reply must be daily: “paycheck! remember?”. One day this conversation will end but in the meantime, at least three times per week there is that evening sail to look forward to.

It doesn’t take more than five minutes from the time we leave the marina mouth for all the weight of the day to flow out of us. I sigh, pop the top on a cold beer, look around, and think “there really is no better place on earth”. Up go the sails and the wind just carries us away. No destination, no plans, no worries; just the music and the wind. We rarely talk on these trips, comfortable in each other’s company and so used to each other that words really aren’t necessary to sail. This is truly a time of recharge, a time to reflect, to just let the boat and the wind take us wherever.

Too soon it is time to head back in, but as we approach the mouth of the marina and the sails are dropped, it has never failed that I feel like we are coming in after a weekend out and once again that “time warp” has done its incredible magic. I am able to face the world, recharged, renewed, and refreshed!

Share a sail with me on the Aggada Da Vida.

How many of you are able to go out for a few hours during the week? Does it affect you in the same way? I would love to hear from you all, let’s talk!

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  1. Pam says:

    I loved this post. Thanks for sharing the video. I suspect I’ll be visiting it often over this winter. My husband, Dave, and I just bought an O’day 35 last month in Anacortes that we have moored at Cap Sante. Hopefully we’ll cross paths with you and Ken.

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