The Cost of Global Warming in 2013

costs of global warming in 2013

Infographic provided on National Journal article.

You may have seen this article already. It’s gone viral and been circulating the internet. This article is about the current costs we are paying for global warming right now. You may have heard the president give an official nod to seriously trying to deal with global warming. This is the kind of information that the White House is digesting right now.

Read the whole article at National Journal. It’s got a short summary video if you don’t want to read the whole thing:

I found this section especially informative:

As incidents of extreme weather mount, so do the costs to taxpayers. Congress allocated $61 billion to pay for superstorm Sandy. (That figure, by the way, almost entirely cancels out the new revenue raised by the New Year’s Day fiscal-cliff deal that increased taxes on the wealthy.) Taxpayers also paid out a record $20 billion in federal crop-insurance claims in 2012, to cover the devastating losses from the record drought that scorched the nation’s heartland last summer.

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