When is whale watching season?

Those of us who live here in the San Juans know that the opportunity to see whales exists pretty much all year round, but there are definite seasons when the whales are more likely to be about. Of all the activities to enjoy here in the San Juan Islands, whale watching is one of the most spectacular. There are many whale watching tours available for those that don’t have a boat, and for those of us that do, knowing where and when to find the…

Best Place for Whale Watching in the San Juan Islands Washington

One of the many really cool things about living here in the San Juan Islands is our Orca Whale population. We have both resident whales and transient whales and if you know where to go and when, the chances of seeing them are very good. Even if you don’t have your own boat many whale watching tours are available. Whales and Sails Ken and I were fortunate enough to come across three separate pods a single day while transiting and fishing along the West side…

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