Becoming Minimalist

I found some great motivational posts on Facebook over the last week. These sorts of things go viral because they appeal to people, but what I once suspected were simply base, motivational statements now ring with the clarity of truth. I’ve come so far in the last three years. I started out as a miserable fuck, slaving away in a cubical. I had the conventional lifestyle locked down: a cushy corporate job, an awesome wife, a cute little house in an old, safe neighborhood, two…

The Road Less Traveled

sailboat dinner

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” -A Buddhist Saying   With Thanksgiving come and gone and New Years resolutions right around the corner, I have recently spent some time reflecting on my life and have to conclude that things are good. I have a stimulating job at a business creating an ethical product, a novelty in this day in age. The income from my…

Embracing Minimalism

minimalist bedroom

This post discusses my inspirations to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and my financial plans for the future after my recent divorce. I reflect on the past, the future, and the present. Reflections on the Economic Past I’m in the middle of reading Snow Falling on Cedars which is a historical fiction based on San Juan Island. The people back in that era had so little, and had to work so hard for it. In a way, it makes me feel spoiled and petty considering all…

Food, Voluntary Simplicity, and Happiness

simple living

Watching wildlife is a big element of spending time in the San Juan Islands. I’ve always been particularly fascinated by the birds and how each one has evolved within a specialized niche. For instance, Robins are extremely sensitive to noises and visual cues made by earthworms – their main food source. Kingfishers evolved in the same area as Peregrine Falcons, which prey on smaller birds. As a result, the Kingfisher is not only a superior diving and fishing bird, it’s also extremely paranoid and prefers…

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