Alternative Housing

Van Living

Let’s face it: Living on a boat is hard. There are significant barriers in terms of both cost and experience. Experienced cruisers are the most stoic people I’ve ever met. Very few people who try at cruising succeed in the long term. It’s simply not a practical lifestyle for most people. VanDwelling on the other hand is catching like wild fire. Since beginning my amphibious lifestyle I’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed with the number of people who are successfully and enthusiastically living in vehicles. When considering…

Back to Anacortes

Cypress Island seems to be the center of my universe. My life rotates around it. I’m in Anacortes, then I’m in Friday Harbor. I’m in Canada, then I’m in Oregon. It’s an elliptical orbit to be sure. This winter my revolutions have brought me back to Anacortes. I had my heart set on Friday Harbor, but a new, part-time job on the mainland forced the decision. I’ll be working as a website designer for a local newspaper. At the same time, I’ll be building up…

Birthing a Brain Child

Camper Van

For the last two weeks I’ve been visiting family and working on my van in Portland. I purchased the van on my way out of town during my last visit and it had been patiently waiting for me to give it a thorough inspection and a little TLC. My new home-on-wheels is a 1995 Gulfstream full-sized GMC van with a V8 Chevy 350 engine. I chose a van with a Chevy 350 engine and mid-90’s era body because both are very easy to work on….

Van Camping the Olympic Peninsula

As I opened my eyes, I saw that fog was coming down the mountain and just beginning to kiss the tree tops in the golden light of dawn. As I lay in bed, I watched the fog get thicker while listening to the birds greeting a new day. My girlfriend and I were camped in the back of my truck in the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We were scouting the peninsula for great van-camping spots, once I get my…

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