Setting Sail

Wow… I don’t really know where to start or how to capture the last week, but I feel like I better make an attempt in order to put future posts into context. I was scheduled to leave my job in May to begin cruising. Progress toward that goal was developing well in every way. The cruising kitty is full and the boat is ready to go. I had a lot of vacation to burn off before my departure date, so I scheduled that Friday and…

Is Recession Around The Corner?

retail sales growth

This post originally started as an email that I sent out to my friends and family. I’ve been seeing some disturbing trends in the economic data recently (who hasn’t), but the desperation in the reporting that I’ve been reading makes me worry even more. I’d love it if you added your opinion in the comments at the bottom. Retail Sales – Something’s Not Right All week I’ve been reading good news about how retail sales went up 0.8% in July and they were expected to…

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