Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 11 (The End)

Day 19, Wednesday 9/17/14 I left Garrison Bay about 11 AM. Slack wasn’t until 2 PM, but I was anxious to get started on this long leg of the journey. It’s 22.5 miles from Garrison Bay on San Juan Island to Mackay Harbor on Lopez Island, and a lot of open water. Conditions were forecasted to be calm, so I knew I was in for great sailing, or motoring if the wind faded. I wound my way through the treacherous Mosquito Pass, with a channel…

Yee Ha!

Whitecaps danced along to top of the waves as I drove by Rosario Strait on my way to the boat. Today was going to be a real test of my growing skill as a sailor. For the last three days I’d been planning my trip. The weather called for steady 15 mph winds from the NE and slack tide right after work. These would be perfect conditions to sail due west, through Lopez Pass, and into Lopez Sound. I figured I could duck in behind…

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