Van Camping the Olympic Peninsula

As I opened my eyes, I saw that fog was coming down the mountain and just beginning to kiss the tree tops in the golden light of dawn. As I lay in bed, I watched the fog get thicker while listening to the birds greeting a new day. My girlfriend and I were camped in the back of my truck in the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We were scouting the peninsula for great van-camping spots, once I get my…

Sasquatch and the Wilderness Trail

When my brother proposed a camping trip, I jumped at the opportunity. We missed a previously planned trip on the boat, and we hadn’t done anything together since our journey to Alaska. With as much time as I’ve spent in the woods, I’ve never done a multi-day backpacking trip; certainly not in the Pacific Rainforest in the middle of February. The week before the trip was stressful. I knew that if I was not adequately prepared, the trip would be miserable. The two things I…

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