Broad Reach

Broad Reach

While anchored at Cortez and getting my internet fix, I started working on the fuel tank. I only managed to siphon out a couple gallons before it ran dry, which led me to think the problem was an almost empty tank. All the varnish coming through must have been floating at the top and it all came through as the tank emptied. Hopefully, I thought, the problem is now fixed and a full tank will be the final nail in the coffin. However, it only…

Charging North

Yahtzee Goodby

This is it. I’m here. This is what Solace and I have spent almost two years preparing for. I’m in the middle the Strait of Georgia. Water stretches out in all directions. The hills of both sides are mere outlines. I’m doing 4.5 knots beating into the northwest wind with a single reef in my main and my working jib hoisted. Solace is charging through the three foot chop rolling down the Strait. I can feel the tension. It feels like every piece of rigging,…

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