Mushrooms at Home and in the Wild!

Mushroom Hunting In our attempts to become more self-sufficient, we have acquired a number of books and other reference materials on mushroom gathering. We love mushrooms but, frankly, gathering them in the wild scares the shit out of me. I’ve eaten one or two without harm and we’ve gathered many more to subject to the various spore print and other tests. To our surprise, many yummy looking mushrooms turned out to be members of the Deathcap (Amanita) variety. Because of this, I have become respectfully…

Cruising the San Juan Islands: Eliza, Vendovi, Cypress, and Jack Islands.

We really packed some travel in for my Mother’s Day cruise. Mother’s Day weekend and we headed out with no particular plan in mind other than to fish for some Ling Cod, sail when the wind blew, and forage for some cattails, nettles, and hopefully some mushrooms. My favorite kind of trip, trusting to our own capabilities to provide us with our food and no particular place to go in mind. We got started on Friday evening, tide was out with the water calm and…

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