How Did I Get Here?

Friends on a boat

My life is changing so drastically now. I’m losing touch with the average person, and yet, I started as a collared-shirt wearing, cubical dwelling, middle class, paper pushing loan drone and wage slave. This journey of a thousand small steps has not taken me far yet, physically. But it has changed my life drastically. In three months I’ll be living almost totally off-the-grid in my sailboat. I’m about to float around, wherever the wind takes me, but generally pointed north. I’ll be relying on my…

Living Aboard and Loving It!

great blue heron

It’s been several weeks since my last blog post entry. Life has taken a sudden up tick in busy-ness for me. It goes to show that just because you live on a boat, life doesn’t automatically switch to ‘island time’. I’ve been living aboard the Rock ’N Row since July, and almost three months later, the novelty still hasn’t worn off. The old girl stays at the dock most days, but every day I smile when I see the water on my return home. I…

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