Today is my first day of working remotely! My sole connection to the internet is my Verizon Jetpack 4G wifi hot spot. I’m attached to a mooring ball on the north side of Skagit Island. The southern wind is averaging 14 mph according to, but there is barely enough wind to make my wind turbine hum on this weather shore. Tomorrow’s winds are forecast for 25 mph, so I’ll see just how protected this anchorage is. I’ve been working for Skagit Publishing since the…

Tiny Floating Homes

Tiny Floating Homes cover

I am proud to announce the publication of my second book! The title, Tiny Floating Homes – Turn a neglected boat into a comfortable tiny home, pretty much sums it up. Here is an excerpt from the books Introduction to explain in a little more detail what the book is about: This book is written from a first person perspective. It’s not an exhaustive reference on boat repair, there is a list of books that fit that label in the second chapter. Everything in this…

How Did I Get Here?

Friends on a boat

My life is changing so drastically now. I’m losing touch with the average person, and yet, I started as a collared-shirt wearing, cubical dwelling, middle class, paper pushing loan drone and wage slave. This journey of a thousand small steps has not taken me far yet, physically. But it has changed my life drastically. In three months I’ll be living almost totally off-the-grid in my sailboat. I’m about to float around, wherever the wind takes me, but generally pointed north. I’ll be relying on my…

The Road Less Traveled

sailboat dinner

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” -A Buddhist Saying   With Thanksgiving come and gone and New Years resolutions right around the corner, I have recently spent some time reflecting on my life and have to conclude that things are good. I have a stimulating job at a business creating an ethical product, a novelty in this day in age. The income from my…

Transitioning to a Liveaboard


I love crisis! My wife and I have ‘officially’ moved aboard. No more staying at the house. We sleep on the boat every night. I have dreamt of this day for so long, that even after a week, it still hasn’t fully sunk in. But transition to life aboard is never painless. I have read widely in the boating forums and all the liveaboard transition stories I’ve read have had unpleasant surprises as a common thread. We were no different. We spent the entire weekend…

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