Geoduck and Oysters — Sailing to Dabob Bay at Hood Canal

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When Ken and I purchased the Gwa’Wis, the entire San Juan Islands opened up to us.  I remember how exciting it was every time we slipped the lines and headed out of the Marina.  So many things to see, both close and far. One of our first long trips was an outing for geoduck, pronounced “gooey duck”,  and oysters.  Geoduck is the Anglicized version of the native “gweduc” which, not surprisingly, means “dig deep”.   I spent many days researching the best geoduck tides and places to…

Preserving our harvest — Canning Clams

Here we are canning those clams we harvested over the Easter weekend. This article shows how to can clam meat, but the same steps can be followed for canning clam chowder. A beautiful spring day in April found us on the beach at Sammish Island using one of the many clamming tools available for clam digging; water mining for clams. I discussed this method of clam digging in a previous article so I won’t go into detail here, this article is to show one method…

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