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Here’s the dark side of getting complimented on your writing: Compliments feel good. So I try to do better and better. Eventually I psych myself up so much that I get writer’s block. Nothing seems ‘blog-worthy’. So much vanity. 😉 That’s a long winded way of saying that this entry won’t win any awards. I’ve been down in Portland for over a week, taking a break from the boat. The truth is that four months of non-stop voyaging scratched my itch. My fun-meter is pegged….

Mary Leach Natural Area, Sinclair Island

“Wait a minute… you guys! There is a piece of public land on Sinclair Island that I read about. Apparently there was a lady who donated her land to the public before she died. Let’s go find it!” …That’s how our little expedition got underway. My friends Andy and Izak will be joining me on my 250 mile sail to Texada Island in September. They will each have their own boats and our small regatta plans to storm Canada together. This weekend we rendezvoused at…

Eagle Harbor Washington and Reed Lake Hiking Trail

eagle harbor wa

My wife and I spent a beautiful weekend in Eagle Harbor (washington), just off the coast of Cypress Island. We are truly experiencing the Halcyon Days here in the San Juan Islands. The weather is crisp, calm, and sunny. This weather should last on and off between now and the middle of February. Then the winds will pick up again until about May. Our trip this weekend was a bit spur of the moment. The weather was so nice on Saturday, we decided to head…

Square Cove – Guemes Island

Square Cove opening

We did a short day trip today. We thought we might spend the night out and had prepared for such, but with 3 grand-children and neither of us feeling all that healthy, left the options open. We weren’t sure where we were going when we left the dock. It was Vendovi, Saddlebag Island, or someplace in-between. We departed our slip at Cape Sante Marina with supplies for lunch, dinner, s-mores, and more. As we were transiting Guemes Island en-route to Vendovi Island, we looked at…

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