Riding the Pineapple Express

Anchored in a storm

March 8th After five hours of heavy weather sailing, I stare at awe when things stay where I put them. I fluff a pillow and put it back from the center of the boat where everything piles up. A half hour later, it’s still where I put it! I got used to things flying across the boat every time I tacked. I’m anchored off Sucia Island and things are finally calm. This blustery March weather has been dubbed a Pineapple Express; a series of storm…

Adventures at the Friday Harbor Film Festival

Friends At the Festival

I’ve always lacked a sense of community. It wasn’t even until a few years ago that I began to identify that lack in my life and how important that connection is to many people. A small part of my reason for coming to Friday Harbor this weekend was to open myself up to the community. To join in the celebration of documentary films that focus on this area. Opening myself up to the community is also a part of embracing the synchronicity I so often…

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