Food, Voluntary Simplicity, and Happiness

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Watching wildlife is a big element of spending time in the San Juan Islands. I’ve always been particularly fascinated by the birds and how each one has evolved within a specialized niche. For instance, Robins are extremely sensitive to noises and visual cues made by earthworms – their main food source. Kingfishers evolved in the same area as Peregrine Falcons, which prey on smaller birds. As a result, the Kingfisher is not only a superior diving and fishing bird, it’s also extremely paranoid and prefers…

Forks in the Road


I’ve been feeling more and more as though I may be in the middle of a mid-life crisis. The crisis part is pretty evident, but is thirty mid-life? …Oh well, I’ve always been an early bloomer. What I know for sure is that I am increasingly rejecting the axioms of modern society that I have tried hard to adopt over the last decade and instead reaching back to the wisdom I had as a child. From about the age of eight, I spent the vast…

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