The Story of Meaning

Mushrooms on a Stump

Once I get underway on my trip this summer, I’ll lose touch with the mentality I am exposed to at the workplace. I’ve been trying hard to understand the difference between myself and other cubical dwellers. What mental lenses am I losing …or gaining? How can I help others to break out the cube? The dominant paradigm is a story of scarcity, competition, and dominance. I want to live a different way. I want to inspire others to do the same. Foraging, cruising, living off…

Debt Freedom (original post)

This original post inspired this page that tracks my progress towards debt freedom. Please check it out! For the last six months, I’ve been working hard to get my sailboat safe, fully functional, and livable. I am happy to announce that I have achieved all the goals I set out, and now, as of April 1st, I am officially living aboard full time. Living aboard a boat has been a long-time goal of mine because it is a ‘lily pad’, creating jumping off point for…

Debt and Murder

debt and murder

Recently I watched ‘The Green Mile’ staring Tom Hanks and based on a novel by Stephen King. It’s a great movie and I highly recommend it. One of the side stories is of a death-row inmate named Wild Bill who kidnaps two girls from their home and murders them in the woods. He is able to abduct them from their home without awakening the parents because he tells one of them, “If you scream, I’ll kill your sister.” Then he says the same thing to…

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