What is Voyaging?

It’s been about four weeks since I started voyaging and the lack of a clear goal, the mentality of conventional ‘productivity’, is starting to get to me; as I knew it would. It’s like a mini existential crisis. I keep asking myself roundabout question about my ‘purpose’ and what I’m ‘doing’. I tried to take solace in Annie Hills book Voyaging on a Small Income which I pilfered from a friend a few days before crossing the border. Here is a woman who has been…

The Elusive Contours of Enough

Home Made Fishing Lures

Two summers ago, I wrote about the tenuous contentment I had found and how I was struggling to discover the ‘elusive contours of enough’. This summer is going to expand my knowledge of the concepts of ‘enough’ and ‘contentment’. I feel like a blind man in the dark, clumsily feeling out those ‘elusive contours’. I had the deep pleasure of meeting Glenn of ToSimplify.net this summer, who lives the simple life of a vandwelling nomad. He was a great inspiration. I’ve seriously considered adopting his…

Ahhh… Summer

Enjoying a Buccaneer US Yacht 25

I have to admit that this warm, sunny weather is making me feel like a worthless turd. Those sunny rays are my kryptonite. When they hit me, I melt into a quivering puddle of beer-drinking laziness. I can barely muster the strength to strike this keyboard. I’ve gotten good over the years at transmuting frustration and disgruntlement into the fuel needed to push forward with boat projects. But I have no weapons against satisfaction and contentment. They leave me helpless, lazily basking, with no urges…

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