Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

We were out again this weekend, cruising, fishing, just hanging out. When boating, keeping yourself and your crew fed, is fairly important. To do it easily and with few dishes makes everyone’s trip more pleasant. We keep our boat well stocked with a variety of food stuff, from soups & chili to rice, beans, and pasta fixings. We have pancake and muffin makings, granola, pop-tarts, cereal, canned vegetables, milk and munchies. Our boat pantry may be better stocked than our home pantry. For Saturday lunch,…

Cruising the San Juan Islands: Eliza, Vendovi, Cypress, and Jack Islands.

Square Cove on Guemes Island

We really packed some travel in for my Mother’s Day cruise. Mother’s Day weekend and we headed out with no particular plan in mind other than to fish for some Ling Cod, sail when the wind blew, and forage for some cattails, nettles, and hopefully some mushrooms. My favorite kind of trip, trusting to our own capabilities to provide us with our food and no particular place to go in mind. We got started on Friday evening, tide was out with the water calm and…

The Gnomes of Stuart Island

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I know it must be hard to believe but there are gnomes living on Stuart Island. Stuart Island in Washington state, named in honor of Frederick D. Stuart, the captain’s clerk of the Wilkes expedition in 1841, is the Northwestern most island in the San Juan archipelago. Home to two communities of full and part-time residents, two airfields, and Stuart Island State Park. Most of the island is private property and although there are no stores or accommodations on Stuart Island itself, it is still…

Geoduck and Oysters — Sailing to Dabob Bay at Hood Canal

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When Ken and I purchased the Gwa’Wis, the entire San Juan Islands opened up to us.  I remember how exciting it was every time we slipped the lines and headed out of the Marina.  So many things to see, both close and far. One of our first long trips was an outing for geoduck, pronounced “gooey duck”,  and oysters.  Geoduck is the Anglicized version of the native “gweduc” which, not surprisingly, means “dig deep”.   I spent many days researching the best geoduck tides and places to…

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