Desolation Sound Marine Park

Solace anchored in Desolation Sound Park

The northwest wind was heavy and steady at 15 to 20 knots. It had been like that for three days with no end in the forecast. My engine appeared to be running well, so I shoved off the dock and carefully dodged the other boats transiting the Lund Marina. As I rounded the most northern point of mainland before Desolation Sound Marine Park, my engine began to sputter. I throttled down to just above idle, hoping I could limp in. No dice. With a half…

Anchor Watch

Anacortes picture

So… I have now been up for about 5 hours at anchor watch. Well, not really ‘anchor’ watch as we’re not at anchor (thankfully). I should start at the beginning… Annie and I had a crazy busy week. Friday evening came around and the weather forecast was marginal – 10 mph winds steady throughout the weekend. 12 mph is the magic forecast number where things start to get really uncomfortable. Also, based on experience, I can tell that when the weather forecast calls for steady…

Matia Island State Park

matia island

High winds caught us by surprise while anchored at Matia Island for Memorial Day. Fortunately, I followed the steps listed in my marine safety article before going to bed and we were able to avert running aground when both anchors began to drag. Boating to Matia Island My friends Ken and Sherrie, my wife, and I had made plans months ago to redevous at Matia Island for Memorial Day weekend. I made a hard push in May to get my hands on the new Torqeedo…

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