Spring in the San Juan Islands

Cormants on a rock

The rocks in Bowman Bay make excellent perches for sea birds, like these Cormorants.

As I sat down on the ferry, I looked out the window. Over the space of five seconds, I saw five unique species of bird. Cormorants perched atop the pilings, scanning the water below for an easy meal to swim by. Ever-present pigeons and seagulls lazily flying along the shore. A large, beautiful merganser, a migratory sea bird that will soon head back north. And finally, another black and white migratory waterfowl that I can’t identify yet.

On the walk down to the ferry, I casually scanned the hedges and forest line for edible plants. The nettles are coming in nicely and I found a maple tree full of buds and branches close to the ground. I’ll definitely have to come back when the maple blossoms are ready to harvest. No sign of new growth from the cattails yet.

maple flower

Edible maple flowers

This is my forth spring in Anacortes and the San Juan Islands. Every year my knowledge of, and intimacy with, the natural landscape here deepens significantly. I met all my goals this winter in regards to moving aboard the boat, downsizing, and setting up my own personal infrastructure. I’m now in a good place to hit the spring harvest hard, to make a big dent in my food bill this year. I am beginning to make steady progress toward rapidly paying down my debt too.

It’s exciting to me to read through my past blog posts and see my steady progress towards true wealth. I am optimistic that by the time I reach debt freedom, that I will have the skills and personal infrastructure to live easily and cheaply as I slowly sail up the inside passage.

This September I will be taking three weeks off of work to sail up to Texada and Lasqueti Islands. It will be my first foray into the Canadian Gulf Islands. It will be a small taste of the freedom I have to look forward to once I am debt free.

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2 Responses to “Spring in the San Juan Islands”
  1. You’re already free. Paying off the debt will intensify your freedom and our reading pleasure.
    I also like your foraging idea – makes an outing to the grocery store seem pretty dull…let’s face it, modern living is an illusory gig. Damn, I shouldn’t have abandoned by wayward ways and shouldn’t have bought a big boat. A warning to your readers, a big boat can be worse than debt because the expenses never end.

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