Saving Space With A Plastic Organizer Box

plastic storage box with lid

This first plastic organizer box will house all my electrical connectors. I’ll start another one for nut and bolts storage.

With five and half months (or less) to go until we plan to be on the boat full time, I’m making greater efforts to condense and organize all the ‘stuff’ in my life to make it fit on the boat. For more than a year, basic repair has been the primary focus on the Rock ‘n Row. Now that focus is shifting to making the boat clean, comfortable, and livable. I need to get a better handle on all the parts and tools scattered around the boat. I also need to clear out some of the drawers that have so far been used to store these parts in order to make room for my wife’s clothes.

One of the first steps I’m taking is to use a plastic organizer box to better organize my electrical connectors – of which I have a healthy collection. I’m also planning on getting another plastic storage organizer (this one) for my nut and bolt storage.

Organization is an art. I’ve owned plenty of crappy plastic storage organizers, and the vast majority of them have ended up in the garbage can or were simply unused. Organization on a boat is even more difficult. First, any organizer product has to be rugged enough to survive falling onto the floor, falling into the bilge, and possibly falling into the water. This includes not only breaking, but for a small part organizer box, it also means it has to keep the parts from migrating from one compartment to another.

Second, it has to be small enough to stow easily and be quickly accessible. The bilge in my boat has the stringers arranged in such a way that it makes a series of shelves. I try to take as much advantage of the architectural features of my boat as possible. I plan to stow these compartment organizers in the bilge. Having a handle is important so that I can open the hatch, reach down, and retrieve the part organizer without much hassle.

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