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This page contains pictures and stories of boats owned by readers of our blog. If you are a passionate boat owner, please send us a picture of your boat and a short (around 100 words) biography about yourself. If you are a liveaboard boat owner, please tell us!


“Alfie” is a little fiberglass beauty from the 70’s. As the name suggest, “Alfie” implies alpha, which is what the boat is. “Alfie” is the alpha build (after prototype) of Swiftsure Yacht Company’s 24′ Swiftsure. Hull 001. She was the company boat, starting in ’71, when she was used for showing and races. She has since had only a few different owners, spanning from Victoria to Bellingham. Her design is somewhat svelte, but she has a decent cabin, that can accommodate four.




Solstice is a Devlin design Black Crown, 30 ft, 10,000 lb displacement, 30” draft. My wife & I built her here in Bellingham over a few years and we are moored in Squalicum Harbor, also in Bellingham. We love her and get out every chance we have.



Christine’s Dream

This is “Christine’s Dream,” a shoal-draft 1978 Sparrow 16 whose homeport is Moscow ID and whose homewaters are on Lake Coeur d’Alene. She is my first “big” boat and has allowed me to achieve my dream of sailing the San Juan Islands. I purchased her in 2008 and we made our first pilgrimage to the Salish Sea last summer for a week-long cruise the San Juan Islands with two other sailboats.

Christine’s Dream

Christine’s Dream

Agadda Da Vida

The ‘Agadda Da Vida’ is named after the song “In-Agadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly. The singer was originally trying to sing ‘In the Garden of Eden’, but was too trashed to pronounce it correctly, so the song got the name In-Agadda-Da-Vida. For Ken and Sherrie, their boat really is their home in the garden of Eden, otherwise known as the San Juan Islands.

Sailing among the whales

Agadda Da Vida


“A Cenoura is a 1985 Catalina 30 standard rig. I began living on it in King Harbor, Redondo Beach in Fall of 2012. The sailboat is also taken out for day sails regularly all year long. At this point I couldn’t imagine living on anything smaller or single-handling anything much larger, so I’m very happy with the boat and hope to keep it for a very long time.”
Philip Skinner

catalina sail boat

A Cenoura – A 1985 Catalina


Moonrise is a 1975 Cal 34 owned by Michael Boyte and Melissa White in Tacoma, WA. While we own Moonrise, we cruise the Salish Sea but we have plans in place to find Moonrise a new home and buy a bluewater boat that can take us down the coast to Mexico and beyond. Visit our blog, to learn more.

puget sound sailboat

Moonrise – a Cal 34


Smitty is a 2001 Catalina 310 that we plan to liveaboard and sail down the east coast to the Caribbean. Currently we are in the progress of trying to sell our house and get rid of the “stuff” we don’t need on a boat. In the meantime, we are enjoying local cruising in New England with our dog, Summer, and our boating friends. You can follow our progress on our blog:

S/V Smitty - A Catalina 310

S/V Smitty – A Catalina 310

Orbis Non Sufficit

Suzanne lives aboard her 37′ Gulfstar sailboat with two cats and a dog. She blogs about the adventure of adjusting to liveaboard life and learning to sail on her blog

orbis non sufficit


Tygress is a Denis Ganley designed 34ft steel sloop that is dream come true and also our home. She is what we affectionately refer to as a ‘fixer-upper’ and we’re currently in the process of doing just that. We plan on taking her North to the Whitsundays and eventually maybe even circumnavigate Australia. You can read about our life aboard here at

steel sail boat

Tygress – a 34′ steel sloop


Perry is a 1992 48 foot Privilege catamaran. Matt, Jen, Conrad and Mark are a family of four living aboard and traveling. We will start in the Bahamas and continue on. You will probably hear us coming (laughter, tears, and sometimes whining). Visit our blog ( to see what we’re up to.

liveaboard catamaran

S/V Perry – a 48′ Prililege Catamaran

The ‘

The’ is a 22 foot Falmouth Cutter built in 1985 by the Sam L. Morse boatyard. She currently resides in Bellingham with her owner Alan, aka Stormy. Alan is a passionate sailor and liveaboard that shares his life, hopes, dreams, and challenges on his blog, Art of Hookie.


Dos Libras

Bruce and Tammy Swart spent a year between the decision to Cruise and their move aboard date. The Plan: Head East from Texas sometime after Tammy quits her job in June of 2013. The rest is dependent upon the seasons and whatever life throws their way. They have two cats as crew aboard their 1995 Catalina Morgan 45 and would love to retrace Bruce’s voyage back up the East Coast of the US to Rhode Island, where they took delivery of the boat in February of 2012. The Islands of the Caribbean are also on the Cruising List. Please look for S/V Dos Libras Facebook page and check out their blog to follow along.



Serendipity is an ’89 Sabre 34 Targa and home to Matt and Jessica. They took her from Lake Michigan back in August of 2012 and motored and sailed her through the Erie Canal and ICW. Soon she’ll be making a jump over to the Caribbean and traveling down the island chain before circumnavigating the Caribbean Sea. Follow Serendipity, and Matt and Jessica, on their adventures at, and make sure to give them a like on Facebook.


Serendipity – a 34′ Targa


We are Jeff and Mary Pernick living on the Sailing Vessel Echo. Our boat is a Beneteau 473 built in 2003. We lived in Detroit, Mi until the spring of 2012 when we sold our house and moved to the boat. Been living and sailing since. Please visit us at


Echo – a Beneteau 473

4 Responses to “Reader’s Boats”
  1. Michael Boyte says:

    Thanks for creating this page and asking us to be on it. It is quite nice to see other boats and other plans for living aboard. From this early response, I think this will be a popular page.

    • I think so too Michael. Thanks!

      It’s great to know that there is such a vibrant liveaboard and cruising community in the blogosphere. It feels really good to reach out to people who have the same passions and problems that I have.

  2. Taudra says:

    I am so intrigued by livingaboard!! I want to do it to!!! Unfortunately I don’t have a boat….. Yet! So I am hoping someone in this community might have suggestions as to how to find a rental or temporary boat to live on for a couple months before I jump two feet in. I would love to have it somewhere in the state of Washington or near San Juan Islands. I appreciate any input! Thanks!!!

    • Chris says:

      There are a lot of different ways to do it. My preferred way is to pickup a cheap boat and fix it up. This is cost effective for me. Check out some of the blogs on this page to see how other people do it. Everyone’s story is slightly different. Good luck!

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