Mowing The Lawn

My nephew likes to pretend he’s mowing the lawn, and follows along behind his grandfather.

Here’s the dark side of getting complimented on your writing: Compliments feel good. So I try to do better and better. Eventually I psych myself up so much that I get writer’s block. Nothing seems ‘blog-worthy’.

So much vanity. 😉

That’s a long winded way of saying that this entry won’t win any awards. I’ve been down in Portland for over a week, taking a break from the boat. The truth is that four months of non-stop voyaging scratched my itch. My fun-meter is pegged. It’s wonderful to step away from the constant vigilance. It’s wonderful to catch up with old friends and family. It’s wonderful that at 33 I can still go home and get pampered by my parents for a weekend. I needed a break from the boat, and I suppose I needed a break from blogging.

Ramona Falls

I took the opportunity to hike Ramona Falls with good friends.

I was supposed to start my unicorn-ish, telecommuting job last Monday. For three weeks it had been nothing but thumbs-up and warm, fuzzy feelings. The day I was supposed to start I woke up to an email: “Sorry, we’ve decided to go with someone else.”

WTF!? …so, no job. Back to the drawing board.

And here I am, stuck in a potentially hypocritical situation. If I chose to believe that synchronicity led me to this job, I have to believe it played a role in getting the rug pulled out from under me. But I choose again to believe in the invisible thread. I doubled down this week by completely redesigning my professional website, using new libraries and frameworks that I’ve been teaching myself. I was so close to actualizing my dream job. I want it more than ever now!

But my batteries are charged. My fun-meter has receded a bit. I can hear the gentle lapping of waves in my mind and the invisible thread is pulling me back to Solace.

The summer is far from over.

ATV Driving

Four-wheel ATVs played a big role in my early childhood. We’re getting my nephew started young with an electric toy.

Portland Friends

My Portland friends.

Extended Family

My extended family having a BBQ for my father’s birthday. It’s been great to catch up with all of them and see all the new members of the family.

Romona Falls

Romona Falls

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One Response to “Portlandia”
  1. dave says:

    that was a very unethical move by the company Chris … you are better not to have worked for them as who know what other BS they would have pulled.

    taking a vacation from the boat is no different than taking a vacation from a house. your boat is your house … sometime one must ‘get away’ in order to recharge.

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