• Manifesting True Wealth

    Friday, May 26, 2017

    In some ways, it feels as if I’m in boot camp at the moment. I go to bed each night exhausted and sore. I sleep deep and dreamlessly. But I know how to listen to my body. This is a test of endurance, not a sprint. I wake each morning feeling refreshed and energized. I roll out of bed and code for for four hours. By that time I’m caffeinated and restless. I go ashore and unleash my energy into my property. Such is my…

  • Avoiding the Fog

    Thursday, April 20, 2017

    There is so much unnecessary fear and frustration in the world today. I don’t think it’s always been this way. My experience is that its been building, my whole life, like a smog. At first it was barely noticeable, but with time its gotten thicker until now, when the whole world seems to be choking on it. Over the course of my 34 years of life, the world popultion has grown, local infrastructure has degraded, national GDP has gone up, and climate has gone awry….

  • Optimism in Palm Springs

    Monday, March 20, 2017

    In a very odd sort of way, the last six months have felt like a honeymoon. I’ve been easing into the new commitments my property represents. Almost like a jealous lover, I haven’t wanted to write about it. It’s been new and confusing and beautiful. Now though, I have many things that I want to write about. I’m getting ready to install 1000 watts of solar panels in order to power a chest freezer. I’m building a micro-root cellar to protect homemade wine and canned…

  • What’s Next?

    Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    As I came out of Lopez Pass this afternoon I saw a large Steller Sea Lion pop out of the water about 200 yards off my bow. He had the tail of a large salmon in his mouth. Steller Sea Lions are large creatures, equivalent in size to a large black bear or a small grizzly. As his head reached about 6 feet above the water, he quickly turned and smashed the flat side of the girthy salmon against the surface of the water. I…

  • Decatur By The Numbers

    Sunday, August 21, 2016

    I reached a fork in the road this winter where I realized I needed a bigger boat or I needed to focus on getting a piece of property to complement the boat I have. I chose the latter, and in the synchronistic way of the universe, I am now the owner of a half-acre lot on Decatur Island. Now that the dust has settled, I feel I can share the financial reality that made it possible. I am trying to live a life of true…

  • Summer Adventures

    Sunday, July 24, 2016

    It’s taken the weather a little while to sort itself out, but summer is finally in full swing. The San Juan Islands are abuzz with boaters, and adventure lurks behind every corner. For the fourth of July, I babysat a friend’s boat in Fisherman’s Bay off Lopez Island. I spent three nights rafted to the side of Tuwamish, staying handy to fend off any emergencies while she swung at anchor, awaiting her family. As usual, Lopez did not disappoint with their stunning firework display. Eager…

  • Swallowing The Anchor

    Friday, July 8, 2016

    After a tempestuous night, Friday dawned clear and sunny with a light, but stiff, breeze. Not two hundred yards outside the marina, I threw up the sails and shut off the engine. I tacked back and forth on a lazy down-wind run, chasing zephyrs the entire way to Vendovi Island.   Vendovi was purchased by the San Juan Preservation Trust a few years ago. It’s a day-use only island open to the public with a small, but protected dock in the harbor on the north…

  • Vendovi Island

    Bad Mood

    Monday, June 27, 2016

    The world is a stage and we are all actors upon it according to Shakespeare, and he’s right. Seeing the world through this lens of ‘playing a role’ is revealing. When at work certain elements of our psyche get emphasized over others. Different elements are triggered when playing with children. Yet others when alone with a close friend. We can’t help but play a different role. And what determines these roles are not so much ourselves as the environment we find ourselves in. Like clockwork,…

  • ferry in thatcher pass

    Scouting Mission

    Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    I spent this last week anchored within walking distance of the property that I’m thinking of buying. We’re like two people courting one another. Right now we’re getting to know the other. If we like each other enough, we might get married.   I walked around the property, erecting and demolishing buildings in my mind’s eye. I followed the lay of the land, imagining where runoff water would flow and how it might be better directed. Over the week, I visited the site at different times…

  • A Double Edged Sword

    Tuesday, June 7, 2016

    I’m trapped at the dock while I wait for a part to arrive for the outboard. I have several bids out for new freelance projects and I’m waiting on one to pan out. I’ve made an offer on a piece of property in the San Juan Islands and I’m waiting on the paperwork to move the deal to the next step. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. But I don’t mind.   The consistent summer weather has given way to a pleasant routine: I wake up to no…

  • Ice Box Upgrade

    Sunday, May 8, 2016

    Whew! I’m glad that’s over. For the last three weeks my work hours got bumped up to forty hours per week, up from twenty, in order to launch this open source project. I love the work I do, but I can never go back to forty hours per week again. It’s one thing to work that hard for a ‘good reason’, or because one has accepted it as the way things are, which I think describes the mentality of most people. It’s another thing to…

  • Another Day In Paradise

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Like a pendulum swinging back, I got my need for solitude satisfied by a few days alone on Cypress Island. The next weekend was time to celebrate Julie’s last day of work. She was a successful digital nomad until she moved to San Juan Island. There she accepted a government job. The promise of a steady paycheck meant financial safety while she acclimated to her new environment. It wasn’t long before the shackles of an office worker began to rub her raw. Once again she…

  • solo sailor

    Finding Tranquility

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    I’ll tell ya, I never quite find my zen like I do when I am at Cypress Island. When I left, my skin was crawling with disgust at modern life. My bank account was severely dented by van registration, boat registration, tow insurance, and fishing license fees all due at the same time. And of course I’m already feeling paranoid about ‘the man’ getting his grubby little hands on my pocket book so soon after filing my taxes. My last stop before cutting the dock…

  • A Perfect Blur

    Wednesday, April 6, 2016

    I hate sail bloggers that don’t post regularly. But sometimes, life is so good, it’s hard to worry about the digital world that may or may not be anticipating your next post. So, Dear Reader, I will attempt to bring you up to speed on what I’ve been up to. But it’s life. It has no simple narrative, no character progression, no arc. It’s a random jumble of experiences that does not easily flow onto a page. I spent a week in Portland, my old…

  • Code Pirate

    Wednesday, March 23, 2016

    I haven’t been writing much English lately because I’ve been writing so much code. Besides the 21 hours per week I do for my job, I’ve also been spending a lot of time playing with the idea of starting my own Open Value Network (OVN) for Raspberry Pi developers. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer with a funny name. Right now I’m programming one to track my boat’s position and update the Find Solace Page. Eventually I will program it to steer my…

minimalist bedroom

Embracing Minimalism

This post discusses my inspirations to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and my financial plans for the future after my recent divorce. I reflect on the past, the future, and the present. Reflections on the Economic Past I’m in the middle of reading Snow Falling on Cedars which is a historical fiction based on San Juan Island. The people back in that era had so little, and had to work so hard for it. In a way, it makes me feel spoiled and petty considering all…

Going Solo

I haven’t done much writing lately because I haven’t spent as much time on the water. As I write this, I sit on the Aggada Da Vida watching the sun come up over Lopez Sound. The quite, the solitude, and the beauty are what give me the inspiration to write. It is the serenity that I find out here which gives meaning to my life. It is this solace that I long for, like an addict looking for a ‘fix’, every time I return to…

Living aboard a boat

Pros and Cons of Living On A Boat

I recently read a very inspiring book called Walden on Wheels. Not only was this some of the best writing I’ve ever read, the author truly gave a voice to the struggles of my generation (people now in their 20s and 30s) while simultaneously giving me an excuse to laugh my ass off about all these ‘serious’ problems. The basic premise of the book is about a guy who simultaneously discovered his love of nature while struggling to pay off his student loans and dealing…

Adventures in Alaska

As my brother and I pulled up to our final destination near Delta Junction, Alaska, we heard a sickening grinding sound coming from the back of the truck. He immediately put it in park and we jumped out to investigate. The bumper had fallen off. We drove 2500 miles, across some of the nastiest highway in North America, and the bumper fell off in the last 10 feet. Our entire trip was blessed with oddly lucky events like this. Like everyone who road trips to…

Journey to Alaska

In a few days my brother and I will be setting off on a road trip of over 2000 miles from Portland, Oregon to Anchorage, Alaska. This will be my first journey into that wild frontier, despite feeling a strong attraction pulling me towards Alaska since I was a kid. I’ve always held off from going there. From the stories people told me, and knowing my own deep love of nature, I feared that I would fall in love and never want to come back….

tenuous contentment

A Tenuous Contentment

It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog entry. I try to make one post per week, but I’ve been incredibly preoccupied with launching my SEO business. I just put the finishing touches on the new website and I’ve been actively hunting new clients. It’s been almost two months now since I quit my corporate job and started working in earnest on my own business. The last two months have been very fulfilling: working on the boat, building websites, and educating small business owners….

how to get wireless internet on a boat

The Quest for High Speed Internet On A Boat

It’s been a month since I quit my corporate job and started getting serious about living and working from the boat. For those that don’t read this blog frequently, I took the plunge and started an online marketing business after three years of dabbling in it as a hobby. Since this business is internet based, it has the potential to allow me to cruise full time, but is dependent on a reliable internet connection. It’s been quite a quest trying to get a reliable, high-speed…

Clamming in Washington

Clamming in Washington

One of the main focuses of this blog is on foraging. We’ve published several articles on clamming over the last couple years and they are consistently read. This inspired me to dig a little deeper into the state of clamming education. What I found is that there is almost no good books teaching people how to clam! Clamming in the San Juan Islands I myself learned to clam through a combination of trial and error, education from friends, and education from those good Samaritans that…

Doe Bay Resort

A few weeks ago, my wife and I got the opportunity to stay at the Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island. We had been there several times by car, but had never stayed there overnight. This weekend we took the Rock ‘n Row and stayed overnight on one of the resorts two mooring buoys. Doe Bay Resort is the un-resort of resorts. It completely redefines what a ‘resort’ is. If you crave room service, fancy rooms, and public displays of wealth, then Doe Bay is…

Boating Life, Preventive Maintenance

“Agadda Da Vida History” Our 32′ sailboat is 35 years old. We have had her four of those years and have added to and replaced a lot of parts. We have added an anchor windlass, an inverter, extra lighting and stereo. We have replaced the running rigging, the bilge pump, the engine, the port-lights, the water heater, the water tank cover, the head, the cabin liners, the flooring and the wood stove. There are probably a lot of other items added or upgraded that I…

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