Oyster Mushroom Stir Fry

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Adding some wild oyster mushrooms turned this simple, healthy five ingredient recipe into a tasty oyster mushroom stir fry!

Ken, Sherrie, and I have written a little bit about our adventures with cattails. Thanks to our foraging adventures, I’ve discovered the joy of stir frys and other healthy five ingredient recipes. Not only does a stir fry need few ingredients, it also allows you to control the quality and quantity of oil you consume as well as allowing you to consume a maximum of healthy vegetables, both foraged and domesticated.

I intended to cook with just a cattail and create a healthy five ingredient recipe, but I also found a wild oyster mushroom along the way and decided to add it to the pot. Generally, I cook my stir fry without soy sauce and use only olive oil due to its high concentration of antioxidants and omega three fatty acids.

Oyster Mushrooms Identification

wild oyster mushrooms

Using a combination of sources, I felt confident in my oyster mushrooms identification to eat some wild oyster mushrooms.

I recently took a hike to Duck Lake on Cypress Island. I knew I’d be able to find cattails at the lake, but on the way I also found some wild oyster mushrooms. Up to this point, I’ve been extremely hesitant to incorporate wild mushrooms into my diet. However, last weekend I took an ethnobotony class with AFCL and one of the edible plants they pointed out was wild oyster mushrooms.

Combined with the in-person education and the field guide I had at my disposal, I felt comfortable with my level of oyster mushrooms identification and eating the single wild oyster mushroom I decided to pick on my adventure. I found it growing on a dead tree with several other spent oyster mushrooms. I used the pictures I took from my ethnobotony class as well as my copy of Pacific Feast.

I had anticipated making a stir fry before I left the dock. Prior to leaving, I purchased the following ingredients:

  1. Olive Oil
  2. One red pepper
  3. One green pepper
  4. (A red onion is also great to add, but I didn’t do it this time)
  5. Cattail, wild oyster mushrooms, fish, or other ingredient

Cooking a Stir Fry Without Soy Sauce

oyster mushroom stir fry

The ingredients, including the wild oyster mushrooms and cattails, are ready for an oyster mushroom stir fry without soy sauce.

After putting in about one or two ounces of olive oil (just enough to cover the bottom of the pan) I added my chopped peppers, cattails, and mushrooms. I then turned the skillet to high heat for fifteen minutes while stirring frequently to quickly cook the watery vegetables.

Coincidentally, I forgot to pick up a red onion. Normally I’d add half a red onion to the mix when I make a stir fry, but alas, this time I was forced to omit this delicious ingredient. It’s amazing that just five ingredients can make such a healthy recipe, and such a visually appealing oyster mushroom stir fry.

To make up for the lack of zest, I added some soy sauce that Ken and Sherrie had left in my fridge from a previous trip together. It’s important to stress that the stir fry base would have been fine with just the three or four basic ingredients listed above and without soy sauce. That’s what I love about stir frys: they use a minimum of ingredients and I can add almost anything (like cattails, wild oyster mushrooms, etc) to them. If you catch a Greenling, throw it in. If you find some potatoes in your fridge, dice them and toss them in. Have some hamburger in the freezer? Toss that in too. This base can accommodate a wide range of extra ingredients.

Adding to the Healthy Five Ingredient Recipe

oyster mushroom stir fry with beans and rice added

Adding some beans and rice increases the sustenance of the oyster mushroom stir fry.

After the peppers, cattail, and wild oyster mushroom were nicely cooked, I took a quick stock of my fridge. I had some rice and black beans left over from some tacos I had made the night before. I drained about half of the oil left over (I put in too much) as the rice would have soaked it up and I wanted to limit my oil intake.

I tossed the beans and rice into the mix and cooked the oyster mushroom stir fry for on low for an additional five minutes. My intention isn’t to cook the beans and rice any further; just to warm them up.

Creating Stir Fry Tortillas with Wild Oyster Mushrooms

Wrap a stir fry without soy sauce in tortillas

Wrapping the oyster mushroom stir fry in tortillas is a great way to serve!

This basic oyster mushroom stir fry was good enough to eat on its own. By adding the beans, rice, and soy sauce, I just made it that much more delicious. I also noticed that I had some tortilla shells that I had picked up for the weekend. I could eat this delicious stir fry in a bowl, but why not wrap it up in a tortialla!?

I found some shredded cheese too in my fridge. Since all the other ingredients were hot, I put the cheese on first, so that the stir fry would melt it. Voila! A healthy five ingredient recipe (well, more ingredients now, but you get the idea)! Most people would pay $5 for a burrito like this. How much more valuable is it to get a $5 burrito while on a boat, tied to a mooring buoy, 10 miles (by boat) from the nearest supermarket?

Having modern conveniences and nutritious, tasty food while away from ‘civilization’ makes the food taste that much better. It’s one thing to ‘rough’ life’s necessities. There is something infinitely more luxurious about providing life’s luxuries in the wilderness.

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