Our love of the San Juan Islands; Passing it On.

Opening day of freshwater fishing and we had the grandkids out for some fun.

We are fortunate to have three of our grandchildren living on Fidalgo Island with us. They are Daneil age 7, Darrin age 5, and Serenity age 4. Daneil and Darrin have become old salts on our sailboat having spent most every weekend last summer with us out sailing. Daneil really surprised me when he decided that he wanted to fish with my favorite light fishing pole (a christmas present from Ken) so I fastened a 1 oz sinker on the end and showed him how an openfaced reel worked.

Pappa and the boys

I have to admit I was pretty nervous the first few times he threw that weight, just waiting for him to smack the tip and break it, but he really surprised me. After only 3 or 4 throws he had it down, and in about an hour was actually hitting spots I told him to aim for. Since he showed such an aptitude for casting, and Darrin was hot to try too, Ken and I decided that fishing poles surely were the best bet for Christmas presents this year.

We decided that Heart Lake just up behind our house, was the best bet for this trip. My son Sam and his wife Shanon brought the children and met Ken and I at the lake. Ken got the dinghy off the truck and into the water ready for him and the boys. Ken paddled out and the boys commenced fishing while I stayed on the bank with Serenity and thoroughly enjoyed watching my son teach his daughter to fish.

As I was watching my son teach his daughter to cast her pole, I was struck with so many memories of me doing the same thing with him. I am so happy that the time I spent with my children has grown in them a love for camping, fishing, the outdoors, and now that Sam is up here in the San Juans, a love of sailing.

He is incredibly patient and makes it so much fun for Serenity. He is casting a spinner just next to Serenity’s bobber, trying to entice a fish to come this way. Serenity on the other hand could care less about a fish, she just likes to make the bobber bounce. This game went on for quite some time and finally we decided to put a spinner on her pole and let her cast and reel all she wanted. She got pretty good at it by the time we left.

Meanwhile, Ken and the boys were hard at it and Daneil caught his first fish.  Ken is also extremely patient,  and truly enjoys sharing  his love and passion for all things outdoors with the grandsons.   They are his little shadows and all but idolize him, (as grandsons will do), and he really loves to have them around.

We left after about two hours but it was a very successful trip, Daneil caught the fishing fever, Darrin learned to cast, and Serenity can’t wait to go again.

View Heart Lake in a larger map

As we were driving home I happened to notice some ferns that looked to me like fiddleheads and Ken spied some stinging nettles. We pulled off the road and sure enough I was in a huge patch of what I believed were Lady Ferns. I did not have my copy of Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast with me so I only harvested about fifty fiddleheads, just in case they were actually braken ferns. Ken pulled on his rubber gloves and commenced to harvest a very nice batch of stinging nettles and we knew we had the side dish and veggies for dinner all taken care of. I have been looking forward to some Fiddleheads so I could try out a new recipe idea I had for them. Chris Troutner was pulling up just as we arrived so I didn’t even have to get the book out for identification. Yay! Time to try Fiddleheads with Peppers and Pasta.

This was just one day of the many that we are so fortunate to enjoy here. Our love of the outdoors and our passion for sufficiency as a lifestyle makes everyday a wonder, and seeing it anew through the eyes of the grandchildren makes it all worth the effort.

Fun and fishing

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