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4138997_1428806141.7951_funddescriptionThere is a young, ambitious journalist living in the San Juan Islands. Her name is Emily Greenberg and she kicks ass. But she needs your help.

Over the last few months I’ve gotten to know Emily, both in person and through her writing. She recently left her job as a journalist at The Journal of the San Juan Islands in order to persue her passion of sailing. Together with her boyfriend Alan, of, they plan to sail their Falmouth Cutter up into the Gulf Islands of Canada. Emily has only been on short day-sails, training for a longer voyage, and this summer will be her first opportunity.

She also spent the last few months interviewing inspiring people and reporting on the news of the San Juan Islands. Her writing is excellent. Her narritive voice when reporting a story keeps mundain news entertaining, and helps to weave the technical details of a story into emotionally powerful prose. But now she wants to find her ‘voice’ in the realm of creative non-fiction. She wants to capture her life this summer through her writing and photography, but her camera equipment stayed behind at her job. She needs your help to replace it, in order to record the priceless beauty that I know she will sail through this summer.

4138997_1428785370.0645_funddescriptionEmily and I share many interests that I cover on this blog. The Tiny House Movement captures our imaginations and she’s reported on woman living the Tiny House lifestyle. She’s reported on the latest changes to Orca Whale habitat. She’s captured the salty love-lives of sailors. She even did a story on me.

As a millenial in her mid-twenties, she’s embraced the technology of her generation. And like many of her generation, she’s used to living with less. I think she shows a great potential to ride the changing tide of journalism in the twenty first century. Help me to help her. Donate to her Go-Fund-Me campaign and help her raise money for a DSLR camera. Help a young, freelance journalist find her voice.

Emily’s Previous Photography:

4138997_1428784703.3883_funddescription 4138997_1428785009.4018_funddescription
4138997_1428784542.1293_funddescription 4138997_1428784819.4627_funddescription

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  1. Emily says:

    This was nice!!!!!!

  2. this was, and continues to still be, the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

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