Manifesting True Wealth

Trenching to connect my property up to the community well.

In some ways, it feels as if I’m in boot camp at the moment. I go to bed each night exhausted and sore. I sleep deep and dreamlessly. But I know how to listen to my body. This is a test of endurance, not a sprint.

I wake each morning feeling refreshed and energized. I roll out of bed and code for for four hours. By that time I’m caffeinated and restless. I go ashore and unleash my energy into my property. Such is my normal routine.

At the moment I am resting in my new garden, spent and tired after another physically taxing day. My feet are kicked up and I’m listening to the birds chirp. The sun is setting and the air is still. It’s warm. One of the warmest days yet.

Here’s what I just realized about myself: I’ve always known, deep down, at an unconscious level, that it’s just crazy to depend solely on money. It’s also boring. Who the hell wants to do the same thing every day for eight hours, for forty years? I never could stomach the monotony of cubicle life.

The contentment and enthusiasm I have in my life now stands in stark contrast to that long ago lifestyle. It’s crazy to me to look back at the miserable life I was living when I started this blog, and then realize, that’s*still* how most of my peers are living.

The self-watering garden beds I’m installing on my property.

Dear reader, it you have not yet read my post on True Wealth, please do. This blog, this chronicle of my journey, is proof that the pillars of Plenitude are sound. I haven’t documented the books effect on my life as well as I could, but rest assured that it has been the guiding light in my life the last five years. I have worked hard to build a foundation of all four pillars of wealth, and I’ve become all the richer for it.

The last few months have proven the practicality of True Wealth to me. My life depends on motors. My boat, my dinghy, my generator, my truck and van. That’s a lot of engines to maintain, but all five start on the first pull. All five run like new. Because I practice True Materialism.

My life now depends on my community. My chainsaw got stuck in a tree I was cutting down. Without asking, my neighbor brought his over and helped me cut it out. I needed to dig a two foot trench for two hundred feet in order to hook the property up to water. Another neighbor let me borrow their backhoe.

Those are example of withdrawals from the bank of Social Capital, but I’ve been making deposits too. I’ve been making minor repairs to the community dock. I’ve been generously sharing my home-made apple wine. I’ve donated a bit of my youthful strength to the island elderly. I have little to offer now, but the people on this island all know well: the best part of granting favors is the day you call them home.

Money is tight. I won’t hide that. I have to think long and hard about every dollar I spend. Whenever possible, I try to accomplish a goal without using money, which is usually possible if I’m patient. But my life is full and happy. The things I spend my time on feel meaningful and leave me feeling satisfied. That’s not something i can say about making money.

Many people assume my goal is to build a home on the property. But I’ve always intended the land to be more of a ‘base camp’ then a ‘home base’. I may build a house in the distant future. But the property is really the foundation for a lifestyle of Self Provisioning.

My 200 sq ft shed and garden. I currently have 200 watts of solar installed on the roof of the shed.

It starts with water and a garden, which is what I’m busily working on now. That will be quickly followed by a couple micro-root cellars for storing canned vegetables and meats. By this fall I intend to have enough solar capacity installed to run a chest freezer. That will give me another option for long term food storage.

After accomplishing that, I’ll be free to cruise north next summer. Ideally, I’ll be able to get my garden started in the self watering garden beds I’ve built. With a combination of weed paper, deer fence, and water reservoir, they should need little more than a good watering once a month.

That will give me the time to fish and can sea food on my trip north. I hope to return in late summer, loaded down with canned and frozen meat. I’ll be able to harvest my garden and preserve the late summer crab before hunting season starts in September.

So you see, the property will be a compliment to my life aboard Solace, not a replacement of it. After three years, my love for living aboard the little boat continues to grow. Life can only get easier for me. And I plan to continue to live by example. I still believe that more people living like I do would make the world a better place.

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  1. Dawni Cunnington says:

    TRUTH!!! and beautifully said! So glad that you chose Decatur Chris!

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