Living Aboard and Loving It!

It’s been several weeks since my last blog post entry. Life has taken a sudden up tick in busy-ness for me. It goes to show that just because you live on a boat, life doesn’t automatically switch to ‘island time’.

I’ve been living aboard the Rock ’N Row since July, and almost three months later, the novelty still hasn’t worn off. The old girl stays at the dock most days, but every day I smile when I see the water on my return home.

great blue heron

A blue heron. Photo by Silviu Cucerzan

I love seeing the stars at night. Skyline marina is far enough away from downtown Anacortes that I can do some pretty great star gazing from my back deck. The wildlife at the marina is incredibly entertaining too. I could watch the Kingfishers dive for fish all day.

A Blue Heron is particularly fond of the piling next to my boat, and he frequently perches above my bed to preen. I’d love to have a coat some day made to look like a Heron’s. I’ve been trying to befriend a local seal that comes into the bay looking for handouts, but it never fails that by the time I get some food out for him, he’s no where to be found.

A local river otter is constantly stashing food in little crevices around the dock. Just the other day I found a beautiful Starry Flounder wedged under the dock ramp – dry as a mummy. No doubt about who put it there.

I’ve recently begun moonlighting as a online marketing consultant. My first client, Redwood Clinic, is thrilled to leverage my experience in search engine optimization. I’m thrilled to be making money at something that has the potential to allow me to work from the boat while at anchor. Also, after three years, I am close to having the Free Charge Controller ready for sale. Another potential money source while out on the boat!

My wife and I are even talking about accelerating our plans and casting off the lines in May 2013 – a full year ahead of schedule. Assuming we can’t make enough money while cruising, I’ll look for contract work in the fall and we’ll dock up for the winter. But that would at least give us a full summer free of the chain of Corporate America.

Dock at Olga, Orcas Island

The view from my dock isn’t as good as this one. This is the dock at Olga, Orcas island. At $0.50 per foot, I may dock up here for a while next summer.

Lately I focus all my efforts during the day at being patient. I’m trying hard to make as much money as I can and spend as little of it as possible. I can’t wait to have the free time to catch my dinner, pick berries, and drift with the tide – living as free as a wild animal, and just as happy.

We may not venture too far next summer. I’ll most likely stay close to shore in order to pick up more clients for my online promotion strategy business, but I hope to focus on gaining the experience and confidence necessary for a full excursion to Ketchikan Alaska in the summer of 2014. So far, our plans to cruise the entire distance on electricity is right on track!

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4 Responses to “Living Aboard and Loving It!”
  1. That sounds so lovely! Being free of the corporate chains is my wildest dream for my husband. In 5 more years he’ll be able to draw his pension, which will fund us. But it feels like eternity between now and then. And also feels like a gamble with fate putting off the cruising until then. In our early ’50s life is beginning to feel all too short. But we will have to take care of ourselves in our old age, so the pension is important. Mike’s worked hard for it. Bleh. Hate those kind of decisions. You go for it!

    • Chris says:

      Hey Melissa,

      Thanks for the support! It really does mean a lot to me.

      I hope for the best for you two. I would agree that it’s a bit of a gamble. I stay pretty tuned to economic data, and I’m pretty pessimistic about the economic future. That being said, you need to have some money coming in to cruise full time, and I think you need to get it however you can.

      In a worst case scenario, we plan to look for work in the winter time and cruise in the summer. If we live on our boat, then we have access to the job market in every port town from Olympia to Bellingham open to us. That makes the prospect of having to find jobs a lot less scary. It might be something for you two to consider.

  2. Alan says:

    So let me get this straight, you get paid to live in paradise on your yacht 🙂 I want your job, oh wait, I already have it.

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