How to Stay Safe While Boating


Beware storms and wear lifejackets. Good common sense to follow.
Picture by Sean J Connolly

This guest post contains some very common sense advise that should be followed by boaters. Also check out our maritime safety best practice checklist.

Many Americans love spending time in the great outdoors with their families. There are many activities and hobbies that families enjoy doing together outside.

For example, many families enjoy camping and hiking as a way to get outside and to spend time together. Many families also enjoy boating as a way to bring their family together for a wholesome activity.

Boating can be a fun and exciting activity for children and adults of all ages. There are many different kinds of boats, so be sure to purchase the kind of boat that fits your family’s needs.

There are canoes and kayaks, paddle boats, motor boats, fishing boats, and a lot of other different kinds. But no matter what boat you decide to purchase for your family, it is always important to remember basic safety.

Boating can be fun and exciting, but it can also be dangerous. There are many hazards and risks involved with boating, and so it is important to be informed of these risks.

One of the most important things to remember while boating is to pay attention to the weather. Always make sure to check the weather forecast before you and your family get on the water.

While you are out on the water, be aware of what the clouds above you are doing. If dark clouds start rolling in, or if you hear distant sounds of thunder, get off the water immediately.

Even though a storm may not descend upon you, it is better to be safe than sorry. Storms bring turbulent water, and turbulent water can be very dangerous for you and your family.

One very important safety tip is to make sure that everyone on the boat has an appropriately sized life vest. It is also just as crucial to be sure that everyone is wearing their life vest at all times while on the boat or in the water.

One of the most startling statistics related to boating is that most victims of drowning were not wearing life vests. Do not let yourself or any member of your family become a statistic: wear your life vests.

Children sometimes struggle to keep their life vests on. They become annoyed with them and take them off in frustration.

Be sure to make clear to them the reason for wearing the life vest, and then make sure they put it back on. Make sure to use your common sense while boating at all times.

Using common sense can include always driving at a safe speed and watching out for swimmers from other boats in the water. It can also include paying attention to buoys in the water and being aware of smaller crafts on the water, such as jetskis or waverunners.

Another important part of common sense is insuring your boat. Securing boat insurance in Miami is especially important.

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