Home Port: Cap Sante Boat Haven

It occurred to us, that while we talk about our adventures in the Islands, we never mention anything about our home port, Cap Sante Boat Haven.

We have been moored at Cap Sante Marina for over 4 years, since we purchased our first boat the Gwa’Wis. Cap Sante is a public Marina located on the Eastern side of Fidalgo Island, and operated by the Port of Anacortes. While Cap Sante Boat Haven is a wonderful starting point for any adventure, it is also a great destination in and of itself.

During our boat naming ceremony, the port provided tables for us to use.

The staff is wonderful, as are the facilities. Dale, the harbor master, is friendly, easily approachable, and attentive. So attentive, that he locked up our new boat when there was some confusion as to who we were and where the new boat came from. We were initially outraged but soon came to understand that he was doing his job in protecting mariners. He later apologized by giving us a very nice gift basket that included chocolates and coupon books.

The fuel dock attendants are helpful and attentive. Cap Sante Marina has some of the best fuel prices in the area and offers not only fuel, but ice, bait, and a few treats.

The security staff at Cape Sante’ is wonderful. They not only patrol the docks, but make sure that the boats are safe and secure. I have spent more than one evening storm with them as they helped some moored boat to secure their lines or their sails. Our favorite security person is “Steve.” He has befriended us, and we him. He has been a guest on board, sharing a hot cup of soup on a cold and blustery night. Though Steve is our favorite security person, he is not alone in his dedication to ensuring the safety of all in the marina. Not a small task!

The re-naming of Agadda Da Vida

There are 950 slips at the marina which is home to a large fishing fleet, and Anthony’s restaurant. Local kayaking adventures and whale watching tours, also have their boats moored there. There are two large parks nearby and an incredible hiking/driving trail up to Cap Sante’ Head. During the summer, the port hosts “Concerts in the Park” a semi-weekly free concert open to all, featuring artists from all disciplines. Local businesses set up food booths and a great time is had by all. We have enjoyed some wonderful summer evenings of entertainment, discovering some very talented artists.

Shower and laundry facilities are top notch and kept in excellent shape. You can get a really nice shower for $0.75, with plenty of hot water all year long. Laundry facilities are also available near the head of the West and North dock.

In the North parking lot, there are sites available for motor homes, campers and tents. Many come for the ling cod, halibut, shrimping, and especially the Dungeness crabbing opportunities. Many stay throughout the summer.

Dungeness Crabs from Fidalgo bay

The entire port staff is of the highest quality. When we had the renaming ceremony for the Agadda Da Vida, Steve and one of the gentlemen from the port office brought tables and chairs to put at the dock for all the food and for our guests. They delivered them to our slip, even though they had no advance notice that there was going to be a dock party with 30 or 40 people involved. I have to admit, it beat using our dock box for a table and really helped with the party.

The atmosphere here at the marina is one of family. Some days, it takes a good forty-five minutes just to walk down our dock to get to our boat. It seems like somebody is always there with a project at hand, ready to take a break, and visit for a few minutes. We have come to know many wonderful people up and down the docks, enjoy their company and relish their stories. Everyone on the water has a story!

If you cruise with a dog, you may be assured that most of the staff, as well as many of the other Anacortes businesses, will have a doggie treat for him or her.

Cap Sante Boat Haven offers free holding tank pump out services at a pump out dock, as well as seasonally available mobile pumps located at the head of each major pier. Increased security is soon to come, with additional video monitoring in the works. The current free WiFi service is restricted to areas fairly close to the Harbormaster’s office but I’ve been lead to believe that this will be expanded this summer, to cover most if not all of the boat haven. I can hardly wait!

Visit the website to find out more about this wonderful marina at http://www.portofanacortes.com

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