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I may not be able to help you find solace, but I can help you find Solace. Here is a map showing the current and past locations of the S/V Solace. Hover the mouse over each blue dot to see the time-stamp of that GPS coordinate. The yellow arrows show the direction of travel.

At the moment, this map is only updated once per day. If you want to see the most up-to-date tracking info, you can view the last 50 locations on this external SPOT tracking page.

In my neck of the woods? I love to rendezvous with other sailors. Here are some of the way you can get ahold of me:

Note: My subscription to the SPOT tracking service has expired. I may start it back up again, but for now the map below is no longer tracking my location. However, you can use the sliding bars to follow my progress during the four month sailing trip I took during the summer of 2015.

You can download all the source code for the program below on this GitHub page.

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