Early Spring Edible Nettles


These nettles survived the winter. This is your first sign that you’ve wandered into a potential patch!

Foraging season has officially begun! Yaaaaaay!

I’ve been anxiously watching for some sign of new growth on my morning walks. Today I was treated to two awesome sights: stinging nettle buds and indian plum sprouts!

Stinging edible nettles are an early spring plant that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound relied on this plant for these nutrients. Not only are they healthy, they are one of the truly tasty wild plants. You can read a short description of its edible properties on this site. You can also read about how we’ve eaten wild nettles on our adventures.

Indian plum is also the first type of plant to sprout buds in the early spring. The particular shade of green in new indiam plum sprouts is officially my favorite color. I look forward each spring to seeing the bright, happy, little leaves.


Indian plum is usually the first plant to sprout in the Pacific Northwest. I took this picture on February 19th.

In addition to grown in land, I’ve also noticed more growth under the water. Seaweed is also starting to grow, thanks to the additional sunlight we’ve been getting. I’m looking forward to harvesting seaweed this summer as I have several new sea lettuce recipes to try.

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