Storage Unit

This is the storage unit and stuff that I need to downsize. It’s spread out in the picture, but I was only using half of it originally.

It’s generally accepted that a boat is a never ending project with a never ending to-do list. That’s why I was surprised to realize that my to-do list only has about a dozen projects left! I suppose that is one of the benefits of setting a date to cut the dock lines. At some point, ready or not, the to-do list has to end.

With four and a half months left, I decided it was time to get serious about my storage unit. After the divorce I got rid of about two-thirds of my worldly possessions. My objective now is to cut the remainder down by another two thirds. I need to move from a 10’ x 25’ storage unit to a 6’ x 10’ cargo trailer. Before, downsizing was simply a matter of what I could live without. But now I have a series of projects to be completed before minimizing my stuff as thoroughly as I need:

I deconstructed the office space and donated the lumber to a friends construction project.

I deconstructed the office space and donated the lumber to a friends construction project.

I have to paint new fishing lures and cast anchor weights before putting the lead melter in long-term storage. I have to fix my FM transmitter before packing up my soldering iron and electronics parts. I have to find a home for the lumber before disassembling the small office area I built in the storage unit.

I spent the weekend earnestly whittling down the to-do list and organizing the storage unit into short-term and long-term storage. On Christmas-eve I’m renting a U-Haul trailer to take a load of stuff to put in long-term storage at my parents’ house in Portland. I feel a bit like Santa carrying a load of presents. Perhaps I should don a red cap for the trip.

One of the major projects I completed this weekend was adding a new layer of rubber to the dingy. West Marine sells a liquid rubber for reinforcing dingys, but I got a gallon of same stuff (EPDM liquid rubber) used for roofing for a third of the price instead. I knew I’d use less than half, so I gave Andy the gift of liquid rubber for Christmas. Our little boats will last much longer now that they have more protection against barnacles and rocks.

As May slowly approaches I’m getting more excited. I still have a lot to do, but plenty of time to get it all done. I’ve planned my work and I’m working my plan. Four and a half months till freedom!

Reinforcing Dingy

Reinforcing the dingys with an extra layer of EPDM liquid rubber. This will protect them from rocks and barnacles.

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3 Responses to “Downsizing”
  1. Nice work Chris and Merry Christmas. Those 4 months are gonna fly on by!

  2. Barb says:

    LOVE the idea of liquid rubber from a lower priced source for bottom of dinghy!

  3. James says:

    I’m right behind you. I have another year if I keep working hard on my long list before cutting the dock line. High up on the list is actually purchasing a sailboat.

    This past year and the next is full of relearning how to sail, continuing to learn how to teach sailing and lead a crew of newbie sailors as their skipper, and working with the sailing club while restoring 3 different boats in the boatyard this winter and spring.

    By next spring the boat search will be going on in earnest although if I found the right boat right now I could buy. I think I’ve learned enough over the past year of nearly full-time sailing with an active cruising sailing club on 30+ foot sailboats-to make an almost informed choice.

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