Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 9

Two Goons

Day 15, Saturday 9/13/14 The weather up here has been ridiculously great. It’s only rained once, blew hard twice, and no sign of fog. I awoke to another blue-bird day. After morning coffee, we loaded up Izak’s belongings into the dingy and dropped him off at the Aquila as Andy and I made our way to the farmers market in Ganges of Salt Sprint Island. What an awesome market! They had the most beautiful fruits and vegetables I’d ever seen and art of all kinds….

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 8

Happy Face Leaf

Day 13, Thursday 9/11/14 After a good nights sleep, I checked in with my parents over the radio. We decided to leave my boat in Telegraph Harbor while we zipped over to Ladysmith for supplies in their boat. Ladysmith has made efforts to net their share of boater and tourist dollars by building a great short-term dock through the Maritime Society. We walked the half-mile to town where we were treated to a well-stocked hardware store and grocery store. I was able to pick up…

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 7

Kayaking with mom

Day 11, Tuesday 9/9/14 My parents are trying to stick to the schedule of two nights on the hook and one at a marina. We had initially planned to head to Pirates Cove today, but Wakes Park is such a sweet spot, we decided to stay another day before heading south to Chemainus. After getting skunked on the salmon yesterday, my father and I decided to kick it up a notch and troll the pass with my sailboat instead of the dingy. We headed out…

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 6

Wake Cove Sunset

Day 9, Sunday 9/7/14 I left Nanaimo around 8 am, heading to Silva Bay on the southeast end of Gabriola Island. The morning was warm and clear. A blue-bird sky without a breath of wind. I was hoping to catch a light northern wind to sail-troll my way to the next destination. The channel around Protection Island that separates Nanaimo harbor from the Strait of Georgia was almost blocked off with a huge log raft being towed by a tug. Cautiously making my way around…

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 5

Island within an island.

Day 7, Friday 9/5/14 The day we reached Nanaimo, the winds were blowing 15 to 25 miles per hour out of the Northwest. Crossing to Lesqueti would be a hard beat to weather, heading due north. There was a flood tide for most the day, but with the wind and tide fighting one another, the crossing would be 25 miles of bouncing from wave to wave in boxy seas. Just getting the 6 miles from Dodd Narrows to Nanaimo in those conditions yesterday made me…

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 4


Day 5, Wednesday, 9/3/14 Has it really been five days? My typical alarm clock schedule has faded and I feel like we’re all getting into a travelling routine. However, I’m trying my darndest to be present in each moment. Yesterday it rained cats and dogs, and at night the wind blew fiercely at 17 mph from the northwest. We decided to hunker down and make it a movie day. We also made good use of the pub at Thetis Marina. Because there was a lot…

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 3

Day 3, Monday, 9/1/14 God it feels good to write this date: 9. 1. 14… Nine. One. Fourteen…. How many months have I prepared for this trip? How many hours of labor did I spend with the thought of this date as my carrot before the proverbial horse? I was working for more than this trip, of course. I was building my home and carving out a lifestyle, but this trip was a focal point, a mandala to help me visualize the reality I was…

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 2

Tumbo to Whaler Bay

Sunday, 8/31/14, Day 2 Saturday night we all dropped separate anchors, avoiding the kinetic pinball mistake we’d made the night before. We all slept soundly and woke up refreshed. As usual our initial plans changed completely to take advantage of the changing tide and wind conditions. The original plan was to sail from Tumbo Island to Whaler Bay, off Galiano Island. We all agreed to leave late in the day to take advantage of the evening winds for sailing. That would give us the morning…

Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 1

Sailing Rosario Strait

I had limited time to post this at a Cafe on Ganges Island. I’ll post more pictures. For now, enjoy this time lapse I took sailing from Sucia Island to Tumbo Island: Day 0 The anticipation this morning was palpable. It was literally almost too much to take. At one point I looked at the clock and it said 11 AM. FOUR HOURS TO GO?! WHAT?! Time crawled on like an ant with a broken leg, hobbling it’s way to 3 o’clock. But finally, I…

Hard and Soft

I was listening to the podcast of an Australian radio station that had Emily Richmond on as guest. Emily is one of the most bad-ass women I’ve ever heard of, presently solo-sailing around the world in her engine-less sailboat. One phrase she said on the podcast caught my attention: “Looking up at the stars, thinking about space and what’s ahead.” Imagine that: trying to plan around all the obstacles of an engine-less voyage to your next destination while admiring the beauty of the night sky…

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