Van Camping the Olympic Peninsula

As I opened my eyes, I saw that fog was coming down the mountain and just beginning to kiss the tree tops in the golden light of dawn. As I lay in bed, I watched the fog get thicker while listening to the birds greeting a new day. My girlfriend and I were camped in the back of my truck in the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We were scouting the peninsula for great van-camping spots, once I get my…

To Friday Harbor

As Solace motors closer to the Islands, I feel that familiar sense of ‘homecoming’ wash over me. It really does feel like an invisible barrier through which I pass. Whether by ferry or private boat, returning from Canada or Oak Harbor (as I am today), the feeling is the same: I am home. At this point I am convinced the San Juan Islands will always be my home. And though I’ve lived on the outskirts for over five years, this winter will be my second…

Escape Velocity

Cracking Crab

I’ve fallen into a pleasant routine: In the morning I hop out of bed to make a cup of coffee and then work on the computer as I sip. Lately the focus has been on applying for jobs, revamping my professional website, and working on websites for friends so that I can build up my portfolio. Around noon I go for a jog and have lunch. In the afternoon I work on the boat. I’ve slowly been putting Solace back together after her long trip….



I was down in Portland, having a good-bye lunch with my father and uncle. In two hours I was going to get back on the highway and head back to Solace. They started chatting about something or other and my attention drifted. I always keep an eye on van prices around Seattle as I’ve been toying with the idea of buying one for months. I realized I never perused the listings in Portland while I was down here. A quick look came up with the…


Portland Friends

Here’s the dark side of getting complimented on your writing: Compliments feel good. So I try to do better and better. Eventually I psych myself up so much that I get writer’s block. Nothing seems ‘blog-worthy’. So much vanity. 😉 That’s a long winded way of saying that this entry won’t win any awards. I’ve been down in Portland for over a week, taking a break from the boat. The truth is that four months of non-stop voyaging scratched my itch. My fun-meter is pegged….

Routine is Heaven and Hell

Fear has been gnawing at me like a rat in the wall. When I pay attention to it, it scurries away and hides in some deep recess of my mind, only to later reappear on a near subconscious level. I woke up early to pack my truck for a trip to Friday Harbor. I was at the top of the dock, walking back to my boat for another load when the sunlight played out over the hill and crashed into the dock like a tsunami….

Dragging Anchor

Stern Tie

I was sitting on my girlfriends couch in Friday Harbor. I had just put in the first load of laundry. I was enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee and her high speed internet. I’d only been away from Solace for about twenty minutes and was just getting comfortable when my phone beeped with a voice mail. It was odd, I thought, that the phone hadn’t rang. I picked it up and as the message began to play, I froze in horror… “Hi, my name…

Digital Nomadism

Step into my office

Hating on cubicles is my favorite dead horse to beat. I have held onto the hope that I would never have to go back to one again. That’s why it thrills me with joy to write about a positive development in my work life. I’ve accepted a part-time (4-hours a day) support engineer position that will involve JavaScript programming. It allows me to telecommute. I can live anywhere, so long as I have an internet connection and am available during the work hours. After taxes,…

Broad Reach

Broad Reach

While anchored at Cortez and getting my internet fix, I started working on the fuel tank. I only managed to siphon out a couple gallons before it ran dry, which led me to think the problem was an almost empty tank. All the varnish coming through must have been floating at the top and it all came through as the tank emptied. Hopefully, I thought, the problem is now fixed and a full tank will be the final nail in the coffin. However, it only…

Considering Time

Considering Time

I’m losing the desire to continue north. I’ve been travelling through remote islands and mountains and they’re all starting to look the same. I love my solitude in nature but I also appreciate the company of like-minded individuals. I’ve had plenty of the former and I’m missing the latter. I like the idea of canning seafood while I’m out in the wild, clean waters, but my desire to voyage, for the sake of voyaging, is waning. Instead I feel an urge to answer the challenge…

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