Marine Refrigeration and Marine Wood Repairs

The repairs continue on the Rock ‘n Row! This post describes some of the repair work I’ve been doing lately to my boat, including the electrical system for our marine refrigeration and the installation of marine grade ply to stop a cold draft Over the last two months, I spent the majority of my free time installing a large solar off grid battery pack on my boat. This battery pack will primarily be responsible for powering an electric outboard motor, but it will also be…

Forks in the Road


I’ve been feeling more and more as though I may be in the middle of a mid-life crisis. The crisis part is pretty evident, but is thirty mid-life? …Oh well, I’ve always been an early bloomer. What I know for sure is that I am increasingly rejecting the axioms of modern society that I have tried hard to adopt over the last decade and instead reaching back to the wisdom I had as a child. From about the age of eight, I spent the vast…

Why Live Aboard?

point wilson dart

Whenever I tell people about my plans to live aboard, the most common response I get is a half-cocked eyebrow and the question ‘why would you want to do that?’. This article discusses the reasons for our decision to move aboard and the life problems that we hope to solve by doing so. I have dreamed for several years now of living aboard a boat. There are really three big reasons why. In order of most importance to least important, I define them as: love…

Chris’ Story – Part 2 – The Rock ‘n Row

Underway in the Cruise a Home

This article continues the story of my passion for living in the San Juan Islands. You can read part one here. Despite the fact that my first attempt was an epic fail, my passion for living in the San Juan Islands never wavered. From Orcas Island, my wife and I retreated to Anacortes, where we were able to find work and begin rebuilding our savings. We still had the Sea Muse and we were still able to enjoy life under sail on the weekends. For…

Chris’ Story – Part 1 – How It Started, The Sea Muse

Annie sailing the Sea Muse

This post describes my early childhood and how it led to my passion to live in the San Juan Islands The Early Years My first trip to the San Juan Islands was when I was seven years old. My Aunt and Uncle lived in Bellingham and they had convinced my father to haul my family up for a trip to Sucia Island. Over the course of several days the beauty of that island was seared into my little brain. I walked the beach each morning…

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