Surrounded by Porpoises

Harbor Porpoise

You can never count on the weather in November, but you can always count on good boating friends! Again, I had extravagant sailing plans for the weekend but they were for not. But the weekend was not without its pleasant miracle. Wednesday and Thursday were blustery and the forecast was for steady 8 mph winds for Saturday and Sunday – perfect sailing weather. Midweek I was playing with the idea to sail to James Island. The dock is gone, so I had fantasies of dropping…

Going Solo

I haven’t done much writing lately because I haven’t spent as much time on the water. As I write this, I sit on the Aggada Da Vida watching the sun come up over Lopez Sound. The quite, the solitude, and the beauty are what give me the inspiration to write. It is the serenity that I find out here which gives meaning to my life. It is this solace that I long for, like an addict looking for a ‘fix’, every time I return to…

Adventures in Alaska

As my brother and I pulled up to our final destination near Delta Junction, Alaska, we heard a sickening grinding sound coming from the back of the truck. He immediately put it in park and we jumped out to investigate. The bumper had fallen off. We drove 2500 miles, across some of the nastiest highway in North America, and the bumper fell off in the last 10 feet. Our entire trip was blessed with oddly lucky events like this. Like everyone who road trips to…

Journey to Alaska

In a few days my brother and I will be setting off on a road trip of over 2000 miles from Portland, Oregon to Anchorage, Alaska. This will be my first journey into that wild frontier, despite feeling a strong attraction pulling me towards Alaska since I was a kid. I’ve always held off from going there. From the stories people told me, and knowing my own deep love of nature, I feared that I would fall in love and never want to come back….

A Tenuous Contentment

tenuous contentment

It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog entry. I try to make one post per week, but I’ve been incredibly preoccupied with launching my SEO business. I just put the finishing touches on the new website and I’ve been actively hunting new clients. It’s been almost two months now since I quit my corporate job and started working in earnest on my own business. The last two months have been very fulfilling: working on the boat, building websites, and educating small business owners….

The Quest for High Speed Internet On A Boat

how to get wireless internet on a boat

It’s been a month since I quit my corporate job and started getting serious about living and working from the boat. For those that don’t read this blog frequently, I took the plunge and started an online marketing business after three years of dabbling in it as a hobby. Since this business is internet based, it has the potential to allow me to cruise full time, but is dependent on a reliable internet connection. It’s been quite a quest trying to get a reliable, high-speed…

Clamming in Washington

Clamming in Washington

One of the main focuses of this blog is on foraging. We’ve published several articles on clamming over the last couple years and they are consistently read. This inspired me to dig a little deeper into the state of clamming education. What I found is that there is almost no good books teaching people how to clam! Clamming in the San Juan Islands I myself learned to clam through a combination of trial and error, education from friends, and education from those good Samaritans that…

Doe Bay Resort

A few weeks ago, my wife and I got the opportunity to stay at the Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island. We had been there several times by car, but had never stayed there overnight. This weekend we took the Rock ‘n Row and stayed overnight on one of the resorts two mooring buoys. Doe Bay Resort is the un-resort of resorts. It completely redefines what a ‘resort’ is. If you crave room service, fancy rooms, and public displays of wealth, then Doe Bay is…

Full Disclosure – Financing My Liveaboard Life


A lot of people dream of cruising full time. Inevitably, those people look at stories of other cruisers and liveaboards and ask themselves “How do they afford to do it?”. I have often asked that same questions and what I’ve found is that every liveaboard and cruiser has a very different story to tell. This is my story. This is how I plan to finance my cruising lifestyle this summer and why I am doing it in my own unique manner. Wealth and Poverty Today…

Does Size Matter? Yes, it does.


I recently stumbled across a solicitation on monkey’s fist for boaters to give their opinions on size. I know several cruisers like Teresa and Ben of One Simple Question and Stormy of Art of Hookie, who are pocket cruisers and love it. My wife and I live aboard a forty foot Cruise-a-Home, with approximately eight tons of displacement. We upgraded from a twenty-five foot, Buccaneer sailboat, the Sea Muse. Let me tell you why. You can read about how I came to possess the Sea…

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