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One of the hardest things about trying to enjoy any recreational activity around the Northwest Coast is the inconsistency of weather that we have. While rain is extremely common, so is wind, cold, heat, sun, snow, and fog. Sometimes many of these conditions occur at the same time. It’s not uncommon to be standing in warm sunshine in the middle of a downpour, or hiking in a clear, sunny, but totally freezing January day. Along the Northwest Coast, fog is a common companion throughout the…

James Island Marine State Park

Looking for a great island to visit in the San Juan Islands? James Island is right up there with Sucia Island, but it’s a lot further south. James also makes an ideal staging spot for further exploration into the islands. James Island is a Marine State Park operated by the Washington State Parks. It’s located just east of Thatcher Pass, the ‘gateway’ to the San Juan Islands, so it makes an excellent staging island for boats planning multi-day trips into the islands or beginning a…

San Juan Islands Kayaking: Saddlebag Island

san juan islands kayaking

This article describes an easy, beginner San Juan Islands kayaking trip to Saddlebag Island Although I’m not much of a kayaker, I know many people who are. The San Juan Islands are a sea kayaker’s paradise, particularly in mid to late summer when the winds calm down and the water becomes smooth as glass, like in these photos from Randy Reese. One easy, beginner sea kayak trip that is really popular are short trips to Saddlebag Island, which is a Washington State Park. The easiest…

Kayaking the San Juan Islands

san juan islands kayaking

There is an elegance captured in sea kayaking the San Juan Islands that simply can’t be matched by a boat. Efficiently and silently cutting through the water, getting up close and personal with otters, wales, and porpoises, and looking down into shallow water and observing all the undersea life below you. These are experiences unique to sea kayaking. If you are considering a guided sea kayaking trip to the San Juan Islands, I highly recommend that you check into Crystal Seas Kayaking based out of…

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