Food and Foraging

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We like to eat. We like to fish, we like to clam, we like to oyster, we like to gather, we like to eat! My mother once told me that cruising mainly involved the acquisition and preparation of food. Pretty much everything else was in furtherance of that primary goal. They have been doing this for a lifetime. From Seattle to Alaska, my father’s chart books are annotated with notes of where salmon, cod, halibut, oysters, prawns, mussels, crab, or other edibles may be found….

Maritime Safety – Best Practices

Maritime Safety Balance

While my wife and I were at Watmough Bay on Lopez Island, some spring weather caught us off guard. The forecast when we left the dock on Friday was for calm, sunny weather all weekend. However, on Saturday afternoon the winds started picking up and the forecast had changed to 25 mph over night. We were OK. In fact, we were hardly inconvenienced, but the fact that I let the weather surprise me was bad boat safety. I foolishly didn’t check the weather forecast on…

Frittered Maple Flowers

This article discusses my experience with making some very tasty frittered maple flowers while on my boat, the Rock ‘n Row, in Watmough Bay on Lopez Island I was on a walk-break at work this last week and I saw that the buds had burst on a particularly large bigleaf maple tree. Out of the buds were popping these little adolescent flower clusters. I knew that the sap of these maple leaf trees was edible and I had heard one could even shuck the whirly-gig…

San Juan Islands Clam Chowder Recipe

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I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do on those blustery days when the only place to be is inside by the fire. Be sure to check out our favorite clamming tools if you’d like to harvest your own clams for this recipe. SAN JUAN ISLANDS CLAM CHOWDER Total Time: 55 Minutes Prep Time: Approximately 15 minutes Cook Time: 40 minutes Serving size: 2 cups (1 big soup mug) Total servings: 4 Ingredients 1 Cup Bacon chopped (use the meatiest part of…

Kayaking the San Juan Islands

san juan islands kayaking

There is an elegance captured in sea kayaking the San Juan Islands that simply can’t be matched by a boat. Efficiently and silently cutting through the water, getting up close and personal with otters, wales, and porpoises, and looking down into shallow water and observing all the undersea life below you. These are experiences unique to sea kayaking. If you are considering a guided sea kayaking trip to the San Juan Islands, I highly recommend that you check into Crystal Seas Kayaking based out of…

Puget Sound Whale Watching Tours

One of the best places to watch whales in Puget Sound is along the boarder of Canada and the US, in the bodies of water known as Haro Strait and Boundry Pass. These lie to the north and west of San Juan Island, and is where the resident J, K, & L whale pods are mostly often spotted in summer time. Orca pods roam all over the Puget Sound, but they tend to prefer these larger bodies of water. Located very close to these prime…

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