The Quest for High Speed Internet On A Boat

how to get wireless internet on a boat

It’s been a month since I quit my corporate job and started getting serious about living and working from the boat. For those that don’t read this blog frequently, I took the plunge and started an online marketing business after three years of dabbling in it as a hobby. Since this business is internet based, it has the potential to allow me to cruise full time, but is dependent on a reliable internet connection. It’s been quite a quest trying to get a reliable, high-speed…

Doe Bay Resort

A few weeks ago, my wife and I got the opportunity to stay at the Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island. We had been there several times by car, but had never stayed there overnight. This weekend we took the Rock ‘n Row and stayed overnight on one of the resorts two mooring buoys. Doe Bay Resort is the un-resort of resorts. It completely redefines what a ‘resort’ is. If you crave room service, fancy rooms, and public displays of wealth, then Doe Bay is…

Does Size Matter? Yes, it does.


I recently stumbled across a solicitation on monkey’s fist for boaters to give their opinions on size. I know several cruisers like Teresa and Ben of One Simple Question and Stormy of Art of Hookie, who are pocket cruisers and love it. My wife and I live aboard a forty foot Cruise-a-Home, with approximately eight tons of displacement. We upgraded from a twenty-five foot, Buccaneer sailboat, the Sea Muse. Let me tell you why. You can read about how I came to possess the Sea…

Port Angeles – A Cruiser’s Haven


A reader of the blog sent me an awesome email. Not only is he a kindred soul, we have many experiences in common. His knowledge of Port Angeles and the western Puget Sound was so impressive, that I decided to share an edited version here (with his permission). Hi Chris, I’ve been following your blog. It’s very entertaining and also inspiring to see someone your age actually thinking about life and how to live it. I had a similar dream to yours – i.e. living…

Drift Fishing For Salmon, Lingcod, and Kelp Greenling

greenling fish

Ok, it is early February in the Pacific Northwest. Weather is variable with wind, rain and clouds expected more often than not. Still, a day on a boat out on the water is better than any day I’ve spent at work. We took off Saturday morning at about 9:00 am. My crew consisted of my wife Sherrie and 3 good friends. Our target was for about 8:00 but reality and a few trips to the store left us departing by 9:00. On this excursion, we…

How to Use Fiberglass Resin

fiberglass techniques

Fiberglass can be messy and hard to work with for the beginner. I know that I made a lot of mistakes and messy work when I was first learning how to use fiberglass resin. The video below shows you the fiberglass techniques that I use when doing repairs on my boat. Many people are familiar with mixing two part epoxies. The instructions for mixing them are clearly labeled on the container. Less well documented is the use of additives. One tip on how to do…

How To Work With Fiberglass

how to fix fiberglass

Over the next month, I’m going to write a series of instructional posts on how to work with fiberglass and do common types of fiberglass restoration on a boat. This first article explains an overview of how to work with fiberglass and do basic repairs. The second article will show you how to use fiberglass resin. I’ve done a ton of fiberglass repair on the Rock ‘n Row already, and I still have a bit more left to do. I never took any classes on…

Eagle Harbor Washington and Reed Lake Hiking Trail

eagle harbor wa

My wife and I spent a beautiful weekend in Eagle Harbor (washington), just off the coast of Cypress Island. We are truly experiencing the Halcyon Days here in the San Juan Islands. The weather is crisp, calm, and sunny. This weather should last on and off between now and the middle of February. Then the winds will pick up again until about May. Our trip this weekend was a bit spur of the moment. The weather was so nice on Saturday, we decided to head…

Easy Seafood Chiopini

New Year’s Eve at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island

Rosario resort

It feels really good to be back out on the Rock ‘n Row again. She’s been docked up since October while I’ve been doing some much needed work in the engine compartment – tuning the engines, cleaning the bilge, installing a bilge pump, fiberglassing in a new bulkhead, and installing raw water pumps among other things. This trip feels particularly good because my brother and his wife joined us for a New Year’s trip to Rosario Resort on Orcas Island. After all the work, it’s…

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