Avoiding the Fog

There is so much unnecessary fear and frustration in the world today. I don’t think it’s always been this way. My experience is that its been building, my whole life, like a smog. At first it was barely noticeable, but with time its gotten thicker until now, when the whole world seems to be choking on it. Over the course of my 34 years of life, the world popultion has grown, local infrastructure has degraded, national GDP has gone up, and climate has gone awry….

Decatur By The Numbers

I reached a fork in the road this winter where I realized I needed a bigger boat or I needed to focus on getting a piece of property to complement the boat I have. I chose the latter, and in the synchronistic way of the universe, I am now the owner of a half-acre lot on Decatur Island. Now that the dust has settled, I feel I can share the financial reality that made it possible. I am trying to live a life of true…

Sailing for a Purpose

The wind would be coming from the southeast all weekend. Good sailing wind: more than 10mph, but less than 20mph. The tides were mostly ebbing during the day, trying to suck a boat south, conflicting with a downwind run heading north. Julie and I had four days to have a sailing adventure. We set out at 8AM on Friday morning, attempting to ride as much slack water as possible before the ebb tide would rob our progress. I intended to sail northwest from Anacortes to…

Sailing Hibernation

sailing sewing

New Years weekend was another one worthy of the memory banks. I went with friends to Rosario Resort for New Years Eve. This marked the fourth time in five years that I’ve spend New Years Eve there. The Resort never disappoints, but it was only a small part of the trip. The weather got cold, sunny, and calm; the perfect winter cruising weather. After two days at the Resort, we slowly started heading back east. We stopped at Cypress Island on the last night out….

Escape the Gilded Cage

Solace anchored at Saddlebag Island

When is a cage not a cage? How nice does it have to be? How big does it have to be to stop being a prison? How many choices do you need to forget that the limited options of A, B, or C is merely the illusion of choice? Long ago I developed my own concept of the ‘gilded cage’. That’s how I think of modern life. You think you’re free? Why don’t you go to the beach today? Think you own your home? Why…

Becoming Minimalist

I found some great motivational posts on Facebook over the last week. These sorts of things go viral because they appeal to people, but what I once suspected were simply base, motivational statements now ring with the clarity of truth. I’ve come so far in the last three years. I started out as a miserable fuck, slaving away in a cubical. I had the conventional lifestyle locked down: a cushy corporate job, an awesome wife, a cute little house in an old, safe neighborhood, two…

Alternative Housing

Van Living

Let’s face it: Living on a boat is hard. There are significant barriers in terms of both cost and experience. Experienced cruisers are the most stoic people I’ve ever met. Very few people who try at cruising succeed in the long term. It’s simply not a practical lifestyle for most people. VanDwelling on the other hand is catching like wild fire. Since beginning my amphibious lifestyle I’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed with the number of people who are successfully and enthusiastically living in vehicles. When considering…

As Good As It Gets?

Throughout my twenties, I was haunted by the question, “Is this as good as it gets?” Prior to my twenties, I was growing and the question never entered my mind. It was the introduction of adult nostalgia for high school that inspired that fateful, introspective question. For many people, high school seemed to be their ‘golden years’, as good as it got for them. That seemed really sad to me. Later, in college, I met even more adults who reflected on their college days as…

Escape Velocity

Cracking Crab

I’ve fallen into a pleasant routine: In the morning I hop out of bed to make a cup of coffee and then work on the computer as I sip. Lately the focus has been on applying for jobs, revamping my professional website, and working on websites for friends so that I can build up my portfolio. Around noon I go for a jog and have lunch. In the afternoon I work on the boat. I’ve slowly been putting Solace back together after her long trip….

Routine is Heaven and Hell

Fear has been gnawing at me like a rat in the wall. When I pay attention to it, it scurries away and hides in some deep recess of my mind, only to later reappear on a near subconscious level. I woke up early to pack my truck for a trip to Friday Harbor. I was at the top of the dock, walking back to my boat for another load when the sunlight played out over the hill and crashed into the dock like a tsunami….

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