Self-Watering Garden Bed

I ran across this article on treehugger a couple weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s rare to come across an idea that so completely blows my mind that it leaves me reeling from the implications days later. This is one such idea. And so, I felt compelled to share it. Not only does this raised flower bed only have to be watered once every two to four weeks, it can be assembled almost completely out of salvaged material. Even using all-new,…

Cypress Island Hiking Trail Map

I’ve written several posts on this blog about Cypress Island, and two chapters of my book are dedicated to it. This post contains links to all the GPS hiking trails that I’ve collected so far. I will update it as I hike more areas of the island and discover new, old logging trails. View Cypress Island Hiking Trails in a larger map The trails on the google map above was created from combining several hiking trails that I recorded with my GPS. You can download…

Planning An Extended Backpacking Trip

planning an extended backpacking trip

Backpacking is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy the the great outdoors. If you are planning an extended backpacking trip, it is important to remember a few things. Below, we will discuss some important considerations to planning your next extended stay hike. Initial Planning Steps First of all, you should gather your party together. Who will be hiking and camping with you? If you are going on a solo trip, be sure to take safety measures to ensure your safety…

How to Stay Safe While Boating


This guest post contains some very common sense advise that should be followed by boaters. Also check out our maritime safety best practice checklist. Many Americans love spending time in the great outdoors with their families. There are many activities and hobbies that families enjoy doing together outside. For example, many families enjoy camping and hiking as a way to get outside and to spend time together. Many families also enjoy boating as a way to bring their family together for a wholesome activity. Boating…

Chinook Salmon Fishing in the San Juan Islands


Ever wonder why Chinook Salmon are so hard to catch in the San Juan Islands? The population numbers of this legendary fish have been declining steadily for the last several decades. I just ran across this revealing study on Chinook Salmon populations in the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands. This was the best nugget of information I found in the report: Puget Sound Chinook salmon have shown a pattern of declines in survival since the 1980s. At least half of Puget Sound Chinook populations…

Early Spring Edible Nettles


Foraging season has officially begun! Yaaaaaay! I’ve been anxiously watching for some sign of new growth on my morning walks. Today I was treated to two awesome sights: stinging nettle buds and indian plum sprouts! Stinging edible nettles are an early spring plant that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound relied on this plant for these nutrients. Not only are they healthy, they are one of the truly tasty wild plants. You can read a short…

Harbor Seal Pups in Puget Sound – NOAA Study

This great YouTube video talks about harbor seal populations in Puget Sound through the narration of Harriet Huber, a NOAA researcher. Harbor seals were once seen as competitors to Puget Sound fisherman and had no legal protection. They were widely killed and their populations decreased almost to the point of extinction. Harriet and NOAA has been monitoring harbor seal populations since 1993 and has watched their population increase and level off to what is known as the carrying capacity – the steady state population of…

The Cost of Global Warming in 2013

costs of global warming in 2013

You may have seen this article already. It’s gone viral and been circulating the internet. This article is about the current costs we are paying for global warming right now. You may have heard the president give an official nod to seriously trying to deal with global warming. This is the kind of information that the White House is digesting right now. Read the whole article at National Journal. It’s got a short summary video if you don’t want to read the whole thing: I…

Seashore Foraging and Wild Food Walks

wild food walks

I’ll tell you. Those coastal Californians seem to have all the fun. I just read this article about Kim Lombard, a commercial fisherman and teacher in San Francisco that takes studens on wild food walks around the bay. He teaches lessons in seafood foraging and proper coastline stewardship. I’ve no doubt he covers sea lettuce recipes in his classes. I wish more classes like this were taught around the Puget Sound in Washington. If you know of any, please leave a comment!

Wave and Tidal Energy Being Harnessed Off Whidbey Island

wave and tidal power

I was just alerted to this article on about a tidal power project off the coast of Whidbey Island. This is only a pilot project, so it has a lot more to do with research and than reliable production of power, but I am very excited that Snohomish County is willing to pursue the possibility of harnessing their widely available wave and tidal energy.

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