Fixing My Marine Toilet System

When I purchased the Rock ‘n Row, it came with some serious serious septic sludge issues in the holding tank. This article and video shows you how I am fixing it. Septic systems and holding tanks are subjects that I never cared to know anything about. However, shortly after purchasing the Rock ‘n Row, I realized that something was amiss with its black water system. I decided to document my ‘adventure’ with marine toilet systems for those poor boaters who are in a similar situation….

Wedding on a Boat

boat wedding

My brother is getting married this summer and we were brainstorming wedding locations a few months ago. We had discussed the option of having the ceremony in the San Juan Islands as there are many beautiful locations to choose from as well as affordable accommodation all over the islands for the guests. Ultimately, they decided to have the wedding closer to home, but we did run across San Juan Excursions and their lovely boat, the Odyssey. Based out of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island,…

Home Port: Cap Sante Boat Haven

It occurred to us, that while we talk about our adventures in the Islands, we never mention anything about our home port, Cap Sante Boat Haven. We have been moored at Cap Sante Marina for over 4 years, since we purchased our first boat the Gwa’Wis. Cap Sante is a public Marina located on the Eastern side of Fidalgo Island, and operated by the Port of Anacortes. While Cap Sante Boat Haven is a wonderful starting point for any adventure, it is also a great…

Kayaking the San Juan Islands

san juan islands kayaking

There is an elegance captured in sea kayaking the San Juan Islands that simply can’t be matched by a boat. Efficiently and silently cutting through the water, getting up close and personal with otters, wales, and porpoises, and looking down into shallow water and observing all the undersea life below you. These are experiences unique to sea kayaking. If you are considering a guided sea kayaking trip to the San Juan Islands, I highly recommend that you check into Crystal Seas Kayaking based out of…

Puget Sound Whale Watching Tours

One of the best places to watch whales in Puget Sound is along the boarder of Canada and the US, in the bodies of water known as Haro Strait and Boundry Pass. These lie to the north and west of San Juan Island, and is where the resident J, K, & L whale pods are mostly often spotted in summer time. Orca pods roam all over the Puget Sound, but they tend to prefer these larger bodies of water. Located very close to these prime…

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